Nikole Bélanger


Nikole Bélanger
CEO (Chief Environmental Officer)

With a wealth of experience spanning over three decades, Nikole Bélanger stands as a seasoned professional in the realms of business management and development across diverse industries. Her successful track record includes pioneering initiatives in fashion, power transmission and distribution, telecommunications, and not-for-profit organizations.

As a visionary with meticulous attention to detail, Nikole has consistently forged connections between people and ideas, making her a dynamic force in the business world.

Nikole’s passion for environmental sustainability and climate change activism is evident in her extensive work as a dedicated environmentalist. Armed with profound knowledge of environmental technology and exceptional networking abilities, she prioritizes green living in her pursuit of a sustainable future.

Her illustrious career encompasses key roles, including six years at the consulting telecommunications company “Can We Talk Ltd.,” seven years as co-owner and VP of Marketing and International Sales at Implo Technologies, and a decade as the owner and president of Nikobelli Inc. High-end Boutiques and her cosmetic line with personalized consultation for the professional and business women.

Hailing from Montréal, Nikole’s entrepreneurial spirit manifested early in life when she began cutting hair in her home and eventually pursued a successful career as a model. Her academic achievements include a Bachelor of Arts degree from McGill University and a degree in Fashion Design & Haute Couture from the University of Montréal. Nikole’s commitment to environmental causes traces back to her childhood struggles with acute health issues, prompting a transformative experience on her aunt and uncle’s farm. This formative period instilled in her a deep appreciation for living on the land and fueled her lifelong dedication to environmental awareness.

As a testament to her commitment, Nikole founded the WIN-World Interpersonal Network & the Women International Network Foundation, which evolved into WIN GREEN Online in 2017. This not-for-profit organization collaborates with industry leaders and individuals to broaden social, spiritual, and environmental perspectives, emphasizing the importance of learning, growing, and thinking green.

Nikole’s impactful contributions extend beyond business and environmental advocacy. In 2008, she was selected as an official presenter for The Climate Reality Project-Canada, trained by Nobel Laureate Mr. Al Gore. Nikole has been recognized with the Personality of the Year Award by the World Organization of Natural Medicine and the University of Humanitarian Registry and Accolade Committee for her efforts in promoting environmental awareness.

Acknowledged by Cambridge Who’s Who, Nikole is distinguished as a dedicated leader in environmental consulting, demonstrating excellence in creating opportunities and alliances that align with both economic and environmental sensibilities. She was named a VIP member of Cambridge Who’s Who for four consecutive years (2011-2014). Additionally, Nikole holds membership in the International Women’s Leadership Association (IWLA).

Green Schools Green Future is a not-for-profit project founded by Nikole. She has a vision of Green Education, and she aims to accomplish her mission by building sustainable schools using green technologies and renewable materials with a progressive and innovative education by using the latest technologies and applications; a couple of examples like Vertical Farm, aquaponic, green roof, solar, to coding, blockchain, artificial Intelligence, and quantum financial system.

In Nikole’s own words, “We are currently experiencing a transformative time with respect to our economy, our environment, we recognize the need for unity, and our vision is to create alliances that not only impact each other but also the future of our planet and future generations.” Her tireless efforts and achievements position her as a trailblazer in the pursuit of a sustainable and interconnected global community.

Be the Change you want to see in the World.

Nikole Bélanger – Founder/CEO (Chief Environmental Officer)