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M.Awais Maqbool

Website Admin Manager

Jie Yin

Web Developer & Translation

Harman Singh

Graphic Designer & Web developer

Muhammad Ahsan

Web developer & marketing

Julia Tran

Web Developer/Marketing Specialist


Dylan Menezes

Search Engine Marketing


Remya Parvathy

Virtual SEO Analyst

Quang Tuyen Tran

SEO & SEM Manager

Joe Nganga

SEO & Digital Marketing Specialist

Jonathan D'Agostini


Mridul Mayank

Strategic Consultant

Maulik Shah

Experience Fundraising

Kritika Rao

Blog Writer & Visual Designer

Samreen Ishaq

Social Media Strategist

Annie Ohanian

Social - Content Proofreader

Maddie Conn

Website & Content Strategist

Julia Trubitsyna

Social Content Creator

Shruti Shah

Digital & Content Marketing

Leul Biru

Sustainable Architectural Designer


Jeaneatte Restrepo


Zahra Mohammadi

Zahra Mohammadi

Architectural Designer

Aura López

Environmental Architect

Sonia Jorjani

Architect - Building Designer

Sebene M. H. Alemayehu

Architectural Designer

Cid Anthony Santos

Environmental Architect

Shruti Bharadwaj

Architecture - Consultant


Marco Novaes

Branding Consultant

Audrey Beliard

Audrey Beliard

Translator Consultant

Green Schools Green Future

Meet our Board of Directors

Nikole Bélanger – Founder & CEO Chief Environmental Officer

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen” – Michael Jordan.
As we know, it takes a village to bring any project together, and here at Green Schools Green Future, we plan to accomplish our mission by building sustainable schools using green technologies and renewable materials with progressive and innovative education by using the latest technologies and applications. This is why GSGF means everything to me!

Stanley Lilavois - Treasurer Officer

As someone who believes that everyone should have some environmental education in order to protect the Earth. Today being a part of the GSGF project, I have the opportunity to educate the young generation of my country Haiti and abroad, while learning about the children and myself.

Anelyn Lv - Coordinator Officer

Anelyn is a passionate sustainable professional with over three years of experience leading large events and managing conservation projects, with Master degrees in Environmental Engineering and Management. She joined GSGF with the mission of spreading our message around the world!!

Kritika Rao - Branding & Marketing Officer

It is my privilege to be a part of Green Schools Green Future because I believe this is exactly what we need - a school raising climate-smart generations for tomorrow. A passion becomes reality when there are committed people at the core making it happen and what we need this very minute is an educational organization.

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