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We are not only providing sustainable schools,
we are nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.

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We bring exciting news. Elevate your online presence with us. Green Schools Green Future being a pioneer in building sustainable schools, we extend our hands towards businesses who share similar values to grow with us. Whether a mention in our social platforms, newsletter, our blogs, or events, our comprehensive packages offer a variety of options to promote your business. Are you passionate about sustainability and education? We invite you to be a part of our remarkable project!

Why you should partner with us?

💚Shared Values:
    We’re committed to sustainability, just like you

    Your expertise will revolutionize education for a greener planet

🤝Collective Impact:
    Join forces to lead by example.

🌱Long-term Legacy:
    Help shape a sustainable future for generations.

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Who Are We Doing This For?

The Children

The world is evolving more and more into a global village and the importance of working together for a circular economy and a healthier and safer environment is seen as a proactive approach. More now than ever, we need to focus on raising awareness of environmental issues and trades showing young students how they can enrich their lives through the benefits of ecocentric solutions and be part of the change that they want to see and a greener future! 

Nikole Bélanger – Founder & CEO (Chief Environmental Officer) Nikobel Solutions

Effective utilization of your funds, contributions, and applications.


Sustainable construction material

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Online academic resources​


Computers and laptops​


Vertical farm/aquaponic​


Solar panel and Water filtration


Green roof and other resources​

There is something fundamentally wrong in treating the earth as if it were a business in Liquidation

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