Our Project

Our Model School Project to be built

for communities environmentally receptive

Our school projects will use construction sustainable materials to maintain and keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. Our Eco material will withstand most floods, fires, and earthquakes depending on the conditions that specific areas will face. Based on the innovative layout that consists of two floors including a vertical farm with an aquaponic system and water treatment filtration, solar panels, and two green rooftops. Our first floor covers classrooms, a kitchen & cafeteria, bathrooms, receptions, first aid, a library, art & music rooms, a gym, yoga & meditation room. The second floor carries more classrooms and a computer lab; the third floor will have additional dormitories for students abroad.

Green Schools Green Future Pedagogy


The academic year for Green Schools Green Future will run from September to June.

We will also conduct March break camps and summer camps for July and August.


Ages between 3 and 6

bee (1)

The little hearts of our Earth are discovering the world around them. Their curiosity is high and they question without boundaries. During this stage, we aim to let the children BE themselves. They are encouraged to explore, get messy, gain confidence and courage, and revel in the beauty childhood provides. We will nurture their pure souls, channel their curiosity and prepare them for the beautiful learning journey ahead. At the age of 5 and 6, our children will BE introduce to culinary skills.

*Intro to Ecology & plants

Our Be students will be getting their hands dirty and feet wet as they learn about seeds, plants, and soils through primary ecological teachings and basic biology. Students will also learn about whole and healthy foods as part of their culinary classes where nutrient-rich snack kits will be prepared for their classmates.

Ages between 7 and 11 


This is the sweet spot where their brain has developed significantly and yet absorbing knowledge at breakneck speed. They can gain emotional intelligence, build connections, LEARN conflict resolution, and develop a sense of identity. Green Schools Green Future wants to leverage the children’s LEARNing capabilities and enhance their unique skills with a progressive program: through Computer Lab, Solar, Arts, Music, Sports, Body and Soul learning and Culinary arts education. 

*Intro to Fish & Aquatic Ecosystems

Students will begin LEARNing about the farm and the various plants that are being grown to feed the school community. Working with the farm and culinary team, students will spend time in both the farm and the kitchen as they learn how to support plant growth and healthy meal preparation procedures with amazing professionals.

Ages between 12 and 15 


Our future leaders are experiencing growth in a myriad of ways. They are ready to become future leaders and contribute towards a better society. While enjoying similar learning as the preceding level, they will be trained to work with advanced coding, AI, EI, blockchain, and quantum financial systems. They will also start learning how to grow and sell our own harvest from our own culture, using practical natural and renewable resources within the framework of the circular economy and the functioning of society in our market.

*Applied Plant Science & Biology

Students will be engaged in Growing and harvesting food for the school community and actively participate in the day-to-day activities within our vertical farm. The curriculum will be connected to ecology, biology, math, and basic chemistry to immerse the students in the science of supporting food and aquatic systems.

Ages between 15 to 18


Green Schools Green Future will propel our students by encouraging them to use their complex problem-solving skills. At this stage, the students know where their passion lies and how they can make their mark. This segment will be the culmination of everything they experience with Green Schools Green Future over the years and put to practical use. They will be given a glimpse of how their skills and knowledge can be put together to build and thrive as a leader in a regenerative economy. Learning about Vertical farming, water filtration system,  harnessing solar and wind energy, negotiating practical trade, and using modern technologies will shape them into well-rounded individuals who will be the change that they want to see in the world!

*Applied Biochemistry for Life Sciences:

Students will learn about Green business and entrepreneurship through our farmer market program where they will be responsible for financial modeling, producing, and selling farm-grown foods to our marketplace. Advanced principles of plant science and biochemistry will focus on the optimization of plant, soil, and aquatic health through biochemical analysis and management. Students will learn food handling and processing skills, transforming farm-grown products like tomatoes or herbs into salsa, pesto, and more for the school community.

We believe that to create a green and sustainable future, we must start by focusing on education. Green Schools Green Future strives to build schools that:

All classes will be taught in English. French language classes will be part of the GSGF curriculum from the very beginning. Additional language studies will be available for GROW and GREEN levels.

Our vertical farm is taking agriculture to the next level by incorporating cutting-edge Aquaculture and Hydroponic vertical farming systems. These innovative methods of farming allow us to grow plants and fish in a symbiotic environment, maximizing efficiency and yield.

Aquaponics Farm 10,500 sq ft

The scale of this project can be reduced or increased depending on the size of the school, land, and the funding allocated to this part of the project. This farm should cover the needs of a school with between 600 to 700 students.

Production Details

Providing Food

In a world flooded with packaged artificial food, filled with chemicals and labeled with false gimmicks, it might be surprising that food can act as medicine.

But when you choose REAL food, you are actually feeding your body medicine.

  • Vertical Farm
  • Gym-Theater
  • Yoga-Med Room
  • Cafetaria
  • Admin Areas
  • Kindergarden
  • Clinic
  • Bathroom
  • Culinary Art
  • Market
  • Data center
  • Water collection
  • Vertical farm
  • Green roof
  • Classrooms
  • Courtyard
  • Library
  • Art and music room
  • Bathrooms
  • Computer Lab
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Common Areas
  • Vertical Farm
  • Dormitories
  • Kitchenette
  • Study area
  • Reception
  • Laundry Room
  • Game Room
  • Counselor
  • Bathroom
  • Shower
  • Lounge + Study
  • Common Areas

If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn

Our School Project Road Map

The Next Generation of Green Leaders

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The next generation of green leaders

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