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In a world flooded with packaged artificial food, filled with chemicals and labeled with false gimmicks, it might be surprising that food can act as medicine.

But when you choose REAL food, you are actually feeding your body medicine.

Our Model School Project to be built

for communities environmentally receptive

Our school projects will be using construction sustainable materials that will maintain and keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. Our Eco material will be able to withstand most floods, fires, and earthquakes depending on the conditions that specific areas will face. Based on the innovative layout that consists of two floors including a vertical farm with an aquaponic system and water treatment filtration, solar panel, and 2 green rooftops. Our first floor covers classrooms, a kitchen & cafeteria, bathrooms, receptions, first aid, library, art & music rooms, gym, yoga & meditation room. The second floor carries more classrooms and a computer lab and the third will have more plus dormitories for students abroad.

We believe that to create a green and sustainable future, we must first start by focusing on education. Green Schools Green Future strives to build schools that:

Schools Dimensions

Aquaponics Farm

The scale of this project can be reduced or increased depending on the size of the school, land, and the funding allocated to this part of the project. This farm should cover the needs of a school with between 200 and 700 students.

Production Details

Providing Food

If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn

Ignacio Estrada

Our School Project Road Map

The Next Generation of Green Leaders

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The next generation of green leaders

Your donation supports the construction of sustainable schools in communities environmentally receptive. Your contribution will give students the opportunity to gain new skills to lead the future of our planet.

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The Climate Crisis and the Soil Health
We can create a healthy, sustainable, and prosperous future by making a planet-wide shift and solutions like dirty fossil fuels to clean, reliable, and affordable renewable energy.
Former US Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore.