Zimbabwe – South Africa

Located in Mrewa:

The Mangwende Orphan Care Trust is a community driven organization location in Mrewa Rural District. It is also a movement for uplifting rural communities; it is an overall vision that collectively brings together community empowerment concepts from a broad base of players, partners and solutions into a movement platform that can be replicated across most of Africa. Our vision is to facilitate the socio-economic transformation of Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole, by educating, assisting and advocating for widows, orphans, the elderly, vulnerable and underprivileged. We are hoping to restore the family unity through a paradigm shift from the begging bowl mentality to one of civic engagement. We have been running a supplementary feeding programme for orphans (30) and vulnerable children for the past 3 years and we have been farming to do this. The number of beneficiaries has risen from 30-1356 because of the harsh economic climate being experienced in the country and the impending drought. After attending a permaculture design course in Uganda in May 2018 I acquired land which is more than 10 hectares and I want to develop the land into a holistic children’s eco-village/Permaculture academy with facilities such as a community kitchen, classrooms, foster care homes, information and technology centre, library, houses for visitors, volunteers and staff, solar, biogas digester, food forest permaculture, organic farming, regenerative farming and natural farming demonstration plots. We will also have a natural building demonstration site. I need help to design and develop this land into a working model permaculture farm demonstrating permaculture ideas and techniques and to be connected to like-minded people and organisations sharing the same vision. Help us to make this dream a reality. Our land is off-grid in a rural community in the Eastern part of Zimbabwe. Help us to make a difference in the lives of orphans and vulnerable children. Warm regards, Evans Mangwende.


Green Schools in Zimbabwe

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