Greenet Car Wash Sponges

Greenet Car Wash Sponges

You may have seen and tried many types of cleaning pads, some may work well and some may not. The Greenet Cleaning Sponges may be the first type you’ve encountered with that are made out of pure cellulose, which makes it completely natural and chemical free. The durable and flexible material will help you finish most of the cleaning jobs from kitchen cookware like pots, dishes, pans, or bowls to furnitures like table, chair to car washing and more. With the strong elasticity and endurance, it will easily finish all the cleaning tasks and give a long-lasting performance. The great water and oil absorption ability will clean and remove stain and rust easily and effectively. The natural and toxin-free material is also safe for skin, which will protect your hands from hurt and leaves no scratches on your high end cookware or furnitures. A good helper in your kitchen and home, which is a best gift for your family especially for mother to clean.



  • 100% Natural Cellulose – The Greenet Cleaning Sponge is made of pure natural cellulose. Unlike regular sourcing pads, the pure cellulose sponge is 100% biodegradable and environmental-friendly.
  • Absorbing Water and Oil – With superb water and oil absorbability, these multipurpose sponges are excellent choices for everyday cleaning tasks such as to wash all types of sinks, counter tops, even cars and more.
  • Flexible and Squishy Materials – Made of softest flexible materials. Effortlessly and time saving in all cleaning tasks.
  • Durable and Protecting your skin- The scrubber is super soft and skin friendly to protect your hands, leaving no scratches on your valuable bathtub or furniture. The premium material is endurable for long-lasting performance.