Eco-Friendly Birch Wood Cutlery Set

Eco-Friendly Birch Wood Cutlery Set

All items in this box are eco friendly and 100% compostable, unlike plastic cutlery. By using these you would help the planet while having an awesome time enjoying your food. Greenlid’s Birch Cutlery set is also a great spoon fork knife combo replacement for the plastic silverware used at various events like BBQ, family celebrations, office parties, birthday parties etc.

All our cutlery items (knife, fork, spoon) are extremely durable and non-soggy. They contain zero additives or chemicals and yet maintain their shape and strength. They are also light weight and stackable which means you can fit them anywhere in the kitchen or picnic bag without consuming much of your space.

Our biodegradable & compostable cutlery sets have the best quality to provide a great dining experience. The cutlery items are entirely odorless and tasteless so you can enjoy your food thoroughly. Greenlid’s Eco Friendly Birch Cutlery Sets can be used as To go utensils, compostable utensils, camping utensils and are perfect for BBQ, family picnics, birthdays, parties, camping, and much more!