Bamboo Disposable Cutlery Set

Bamboo Disposable Cutlery Set

Did you know that more than 8 million tons of plastics are dumped in oceans every year?
BAMBOO offers a much more Cleaner and Eco-friendly solution to our PLASTIC problem as compared to other alternatives like WOOD & CORNSTARCH BIO-PLASTIC PLA


🌎Made of 100% BAMBOO🌎

βœ… Superior in Quality than Wood Flatware, Durable, Reusable, Stain Resistant & Splinter-free

βœ… Tree-free, Wood-free, PLA free, Guilt-free

βœ… Compostable in your backyard unlike Bio-Plastic PLA which takes 80 to 90 years to break down and ends up in landfills and oceans like plastic

βœ… NO WOOD TASTE unlike Wooden Silverware

βœ… Plastic-free premium packaging with separate compartments

βœ… 100% Risk-free Satisfaction Guaranteed! No hassle, No Gimmick, No questions asked.



  • 🌎 BPA-FREE, PLA-FREE, GUILT-FREE – An eco-friendly & Sustainable alternative to PLASTIC, PLA & WOOD disposable cutlery. Enjoy your events with the convenience of single use & without the guilt of polluting. We guarantee that BAMBOO is NATURALLY BIODEGRADABLE & COMPOSTABLE. Compostable in an Industrial facility in 1-2 weeks & in your backyard in 4 weeks. BAMBOO will naturally decompose in just 3 years compared to Bio-plastic (CPLA) which takes 80-90 years and ends up in our Oceans & Landfills.
  • 🌎 ENJOY PREMIUM QUALITY – Guaranteed 100% Authentic BAMBOO and polished to perfect smoothness. NO SPLINTERS and NO TASTE of WOOD with your meal. Superior QUALITY, HEAVY DUTY, HEAT RESISTANT, DURABLE & more SUSTAINABLE than Wooden, Bio-Plastic CPLA & Plastic disposable Utensils. Doesn’t break or dissolve in your mouth like Bio-Plastic CPLA disposable Silverware.
  • 🌎 ELEGANT STYLISH & CONVENIENT – Add a spoon full of class to any indoor or outdoor occasion with this disposable BAMBOO cutlery set. Convenient for weddings, picnics, parties, BBQ, camping or travelling. Impress your guests and conveniently throw them away.
  • 🌎 FDA, RoHS, FSC Tested – Enjoy your meals with peace of mind. We made sure that our disposable BAMBOO utensils sets are ORGANICALLY GROWN, ETHICALLY SOURCED and FREE from HARMFUL CHEMICALS.
  • 🌎 RISK FREE GUARANTEE – We are confident that you will love this premium disposable BAMBOO flatware set. If for any reason you are not satisfied with this disposable BAMBOO silverware set, we assure you that this item is backed by our 30-DAY MONEY-BACK guarantee with no questions asked.