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We are a Canadian non-profit organization with a mission to build sustainable schools in developing communities. By using green technology to provide students with a progressive curriculum, we will help build our next generation of Green Leaders around the world with the skills they need to succeed in their future.

Join us in building Green Schools Green Future. Help raise a new generation of green leaders that in return will benefit our planet!


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Our green model of education works by providing a sustainable and long term cycle of learning and living. Each aspect of the school will contribute to fostering a green healthy learning environment while efficiently keeping the carbon footprint to a minimum.

Our solar panels will power our computers and vertical farms with an aquaponic and water filtration system as a part of each school. That will allow students to eat, harvest and resell fresh greens and fish. We plan to offer a progressive curriculum to educate the student’s whole self: covering mind, body and spirit.

Sustainable Construction

Green Schools Green Future is dedicated to building sustainable schools with the smallest possible carbon footprint.

Green Skills

Schools are designed to include opportunities for students to learn skills in green technology and sustainable agriculture.

How You Can Help

Join our team as a volunteer, support our project, and share the message! Donations are welcome and very much appreciated as well.

Welcome to GSGF from the Founder and Visionary


Developing Countries Education Statistics

75 Million

worldwide do not attend school. Many are living in protracted situations with little prospects for a bright future. 

7.1 Million

3.7 million – more than half – do not attend school. Only 3 % of them will be lucky enough to continue on to higher education.

17 Million

covering primary and secondary level education. 69 Million will be needed to meet the growing demand by the year 2030.

71 %

applications filled by industrial and developing countries in a span of 10 years due to higher education. More education means more inventions.

Statistics provided by the UN Refugee Agency and the Task Force on High Education and Society for the World Bank 

Be the change you want to see in the world!

At Green Schools Green Future, our goal is to provide a progressive and sustainable education system to improve these statistics. Show your support for our future green leaders now!

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