Haïti - Mer des Caraïbes

Haïti - Mer des Caraïbes

Green Schools in Haiti

Located in St. Paul in Corail Cesselesse: Haiti approached us first to get our GSGF Project to be built with the vision to have it done by 2021. Because of COVID-19, it didn’t work out according to plan. We still need to work on raising the funds in order to build the school project that […]

Sierra Leone – West Africa

Green Schools in Sierra Leone

Located in Port Loko: Future Hope Salone (FHSL) was founded on September 15th, 2011. The goal of the organization is to make the dreams of vulnerable children real, their stories were touching images some of them had to trek to school because their parents cannot afford to provide them with square meals and not to […]

Gabon - Afrique centrale

Green Schools in Gabon

Located in Ong Samba Mwanas: Samba are supporters, members, and volunteers that mobilize their work around the protection and the Mwanas is an organization with a humanitarian vocation: Promotion of the rights of the Child and the Youth. Young people who are victims of physical, sexual and psychological abuse, remind us at GSGF of the […]

Cameroon – Central Africa

Green Schools in Cameroon

Lycée d’Elat is located in the Central Region in the district of Wawae whose capital is Yaoundé. It is a high school with about 500 students…

Zimbabwe – South Africa

Green Schools in Zimbabwe

The trust is a community driven as well as a movement for uplifting rural communities; it is an overall vision that collectively brings together…

Kenya – East Africa

Green Schools in Kenya

MOOF-AFRICA, (Mount Kenya Organic Farming) in Africa-Kenya, is a local professional Responsible Social Entrepreneurship…