GSGF Foundation

“I am a regulator donator of the GSGF project as I believe with my heart it is badly needed in Canada and the rest of the world. It is totally self sustainable and with the latest technical application hands-on that will empower the future of our youth. ”
– Lois White, Youth for Human Rights Community, Community Outreach.

We believe that to create a green and sustainable future, we must start by focusing on education. Green Schools Green Future strives to build schools that:

Our Model School Project to be built

for communities environmentally receptive

Our school projects will use construction sustainable materials to maintain and keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. Our Eco material will withstand most floods, fires, and earthquakes depending on the conditions that specific areas will face. Based on the innovative layout that consists of two floors including a vertical farm with an aquaponic system and water treatment filtration, solar panels, and two green rooftops. Our first floor covers classrooms, a kitchen & cafeteria, bathrooms, receptions, first aid, a library, art & music rooms, a gym, yoga & meditation room. The second floor carries more classrooms and a computer lab; the third floor will have additional dormitories for students abroad.

The Next Generation of Green Leaders