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On this month of Mother’s Day take time to appreciate the warmth, love, and importance of motherhood and mother nature. When spring hits, we have a lot on our to-do list, including sweeping the porch, planting some spring flowers, taking a casual evening stroll, and, of course, enjoying the sunlight. But where does family time fit into this schedule? When you go out with your family and take part in fun activities, you can spend a lot of time together; camping is one of those trips that you can consider. We will go through some of the benefits of camping with your family in order to enhance your understanding and relationships with each other and with nature.

 Family time:

When you sit down with family, you will find yourself laughing, joking, and having a good time. Spending quality time with family is what psychologists recommend for good bonding, but in our daily struggles, we often overlook this fact. Camping, flying a kite, riding a bike in the wilderness, deciding what to prepare and what to wear are all things that fill up the holes in the quest for a good partnership.

The “tent talks” are extremely useful and can be regarded as Pandora’s box because you can discover valuable knowledge about each other that you never thought about discussing. For example, the anxiety that your child sometimes experiences, the dream that your partner never shared with you, the hopes they have of you, the best thing about your family, and the ritual that was forgotten.

 Make memories:

The best part of every journey is that even the silliest stuff will make you laugh years later. You would say something like, “Remember when we were climbing the tree and one of my shoes dropped off?”

Or something like, remember when Dad used sugar instead of salt and we ate the sweet barbeque?

These are all the memories that will linger on in your heart for the rest of your life that will always bind you together.

Practical learning:

Children learn better when they are actively engaged in something. They cannot learn to swim by just reading about it; they must enter the water, move their bodies, and hold their breath. Similarly, camping teaches children about the colours of nature, the wonder of stargazing, the diversity of jungles, the peace of sunrise, the calm of sunset, and the charm of a campfire.

Nature Lover:

Children cannot learn to appreciate nature simply by celebrating Earth Day every year. They must understand that we should value the earth, why nature is wonderful, and that we must take action to save the earth. They must leave the “screen world” and enter the “green world.”

Geared Up for any challenge:

Self-confident children are more likely to deal with adversity in life. Preparing a meal, putting up a tent, lighting a fire, and repairing a bike all help children develop courage and a sense of self-worth. They will understand that it is sometimes acceptable to fail to start a fire or to leave the bug spray at home. It will show them what they cannot do in the future and how to be accountable.

Camping is underrated when it comes to family bonding. Get out of your cozy, comfort zone this spring and embark on the amazing journey of camping. We are sure you’ll get addicted to it, and the rewards are countless; the feeling is unforgettable, and the memories will last a lifetime. In this month of motherhood, love, and affection, please share a funny story or an amazing memory of your loved ones with us.

At Green Schools Green Future we promote hands-on experiences that educate children about survival and being close to nature. That is not only good for their mental and physical health, but it is also good for the environment.

By Samreen Isahq


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