ECO Wave Power to Significantly Boost Global Energy Needs

ECO Wave Power to Significantly Boost Global Energy Needs


According to (Ingram, 2024), Eco Wave Power, a leader in the wave energy sector, has been selected by a major energy company to conduct an extensive feasibility study to identify prime locations for commercial onshore wave energy stations in the U.S. and internationally. This initiative underscores the growing interest in sustainable energy solutions and the […]


As the world’s population continues to soar, the demand for housing and infrastructure has skyrocketed, leading to a construction frenzy that often comes at the expense of our natural environment. Mega-cities are sprawling outwards, devouring once-pristine landscapes, while greenbelts and natural habitats are being sacrificed for cookie-cutter developments. It’s a sobering reality that demands our […]

10 Ways to Lower Your Carbon Footprint

full trash bin

As humans in this day and age, we all have carbon footprints. However, it is our responsibility as the highest living species to maintain the earth through sustainability and waste management. Here at Green Schools Green Future, we recommend these everyday tips to support the community and play your part. Reducing waste means to make […]

Organic Veggie Planting with Rabbit Rearing for Sustainable Farming

My first blog was on planting vegetables organically by using rabbit rearing. My last blog was on “Nutritive Basket of Vegetative Heals Many Healthy Issues.” Now I want us to plant these vegetables organically using rabbit urine. Rabbit Farming So, let’s start with, what is rabbit farming. It’s an environmentally sustainable agriculture practice. It’s the […]