To introduce a new, progressive, and green education system in communities that will environmentally connect students to sustainable tools and hands-on applications. To educate a new generation of green leaders to advance their mission, passion, and solutions in the new & green economy.


To provide sustainable education for our future generation of Leaders and protectors of Mother Earth.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Green Education

We plan to accomplish our mission by building sustainable schools using green technologies and renewable materials with a progressive and innovative education by using the latest technologies and applications; a couple examples like coding, blockchain, artificial Intelligence and quantum financial system.

The benefits of using green technology in our schools include:

  • With a direct experience with learning and working with clean energy in our vertical farm supported with aquaponic system, solar panels, water filtration systems and green- rooftops by keeping a low carbon footprint.
  • Our green curriculum with hands-on experience will guide students into a green career after graduation.
  • Learning the science of food by growing greens and fish, to be eaten and sold to our food market. With art culinary education, the student will learn and cook with a clean daily source of food that will benefit them for a lifetime.
  • The surplus of green energy will be resold back to the community that will keep, maintain, and supports the quality of our schools and education.

At Green Schools Green Future (GSGF), we have a plan – a new and proactive education system that might steer this sinking ship to safety. We believe that by teaching the youth environmentally- sustainable trades such as solar – water treatment systems and vertical farming and aquaponics, we can empower them to have a stake in a better future. With machine learning on the rise, we know that over 40 percent of jobs may become obsolete by the time our students graduate. The curriculum at GSGF not only teaches students traditional subjects but also computer programming, artificial intelligence, blockchain and quantum financial systems.

But a dream without donations remains a dream. With an aim to begin building our first pilot school we add the intention to start in early, 2020’ (covid) without success with our fundraising campaign our goal was to raise close to $350,000 each year. As you can see, we have several defined sections for raising necessary funds. That would start to finance the vertical farm and aquaponics system, the school’s solar panels, its environmentally-sustainable building materials, computers, furniture, and supplies which will reduce the use of paper and keep the carbon footprint at a low level.

Green Schools for a Green Future

We are a Canadian non-profit organization founded in 2018 by environmentalist Nikole Bélanger with the goal of introducing a new,  progressive, and green education system in communities environmentally receptive. Its mission is to develop responsible leaders of tomorrow by teaching sustainable hands-on vocational skills.

A dedicated environmentalist servicing her community for decades, Nikole Bélanger is the founder of this project. Since 2008, through Nikobel Solutions, she has been consulting organizations who want to adopt green policies. Now, along with help from around the world of more then twenties volunteers. She has developed partnerships with communities in Canada including Aboriginal communities and many others in order to make their dream of a green education system come true.

With a wealth of experience spanning over three decades, Nikole Bélanger stands as a seasoned professional in the realms of business management and development across diverse industries. Her successful track record includes pioneering initiatives in fashion, power transmission and distribution, telecommunications, and not-for-profit organizations.

As a visionary with meticulous attention to detail, Nikole has consistently forged connections between people and ideas, making her a dynamic force in the business world.

Nikole’s passion for environmental sustainability and climate change activism is evident in her extensive work as a dedicated environmentalist. Armed with profound knowledge of environmental technology and exceptional networking abilities, she prioritizes green living in her pursuit of a sustainable future.

Her illustrious career encompasses key roles, including six years at the consulting telecommunications company “Can We Talk Ltd.,” seven years as co-owner and VP of Marketing and International Sales at Implo Technologies, and a decade as the owner and president of Nikobelli Inc. High-end Boutiques and her cosmetic line with personalized consultation for the professional and business women. Read more >

The reality we now face implores us to act.