Making Ripples on Earth Day with Salmon and Green Education

This Earth Day, my anticipation towards the start of the salmon spawning season builds. I’m preparing for a special trip — taking my niece on her first fishing adventure. However, salmon are more than targets for anglers. Salmon is a keystone species in Canada, respected and reflected in the Native Salmon Symbol as a powerful symbol of abundance, fertility, prosperity, and renewal. Earth Day and salmon season both fall in April, let’s explore the salmon story and spirit, which brims with powerful wisdom for our future stewards – our children.

 Birth of Resilience and Potential

The scientific name for Salmon, Salmo alar, is Latin for “leaper”. Salmon are born “to leap” with their incredible resilience. Salmon demonstrates their incredible resilience in overcoming difficulties and pushing boundaries since birth. Salmon eggs hatch in freshwater lakes and streams. Within their youth, they face constant transformational development to survive predation and prepare for ocean entry. Juvenile salmon develop parr lines to camouflage from predation and develop tolerance to saltwater through a process called smoltification. 

 The journey of salmon mirrors the amazing development children take on to reach their full potential upon maturity. Children are also born to “leap over” obstacles, and develop problem-solving skills through remarkable transformation. Time and time again, my niece’s boundless curious energy and “get up and go” spirit brings her to stand up after falling over. The unwavering determination and innate resilience of children are the same spirit that drives salmon to leap 15 feet high to climb up waterfalls.

 Renewal and Prosperity Bringing to Life

Salmon bring prosperity and vitality to everything in Canada as the primary food source for people and the ecosystem. Upon maturity, salmon return to the Canadian freshwaters from the ocean. The impact of salmon returning enriches the food we eat, the trees on our hikes, and the soil beneath our feet — are all credited to the millions of salmon bringing in nutrients from the sea due to their anadromous nature. Humans and animals enjoy the essential omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin D, and minerals from salmon to support brain, bone, and immune health. On the other hand, the nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium from salmon carcasses support the soil nutrient cycle, as they are the limiting nutrients plants need to grow. 

 Similar to salmon’s interconnectedness with nature, children are the young ambassadors for sustainability and the Earth. We need to cultivate environments that foster eco-conscious learning for the children. Green Schools Green Future provides exactly that – a progressive education system equipping students with the knowledge and tools to become responsible stewards and leaders.

 Cultivating Tomorrow’s Leaders with Green Schools Green Future (GSGF) 

GSGF introduces an eco-education system in communities that will environmentally connect students to sustainable tools and hands-on applications. At Green Schools Green Future, students will be learning the science of food by growing greens to be eaten and sold to our food market. We are here to educate a new generation of green leaders to advance passion and solutions in the new and green economy.

 Wild salmon is important to the ecosystem and cannot be replaced by farming in captivity. Children are like that as well. A supportive, constantly expanding learning environment that encourages interactive eco-conscious education, like the vast environment wild salmon live in, is needed for children to reach their full potential and bring abundance with their gifts.

 Investing in a Child’s Potential and a Greener Future

As a proud member of the Green School Green Future team, I’ve witnessed firsthand the incredible work they do. They rely on the support of individuals like you. If you want to support their cause, please consider donating at https://greenschoolsgreenfuture.org/donate/. By supporting these initiatives, we are investing in a greener future for our children; this will help to fund programs that teach students about the environment, food, security, and the importance of living a sustainable lifestyle.

 Silver scales glistening, swimming fast, water gliding over the muscular backs of young salmon, as they rip through our freshwaters to leap into the ocean, where they mature. An ode to resilience and vitality, wild salmons and children are bound to embark on an epic global journey that pushes them to their potential.



Cultivating Knowledge and Building a Food Security Future  Written By Daphne Pan


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