Going Green with My Fur Friends


I care about the impact on every family member, including my beloved pets. That’s why I recently read on BBC Future titled “How I Made My Pets More Environmentally Friendly” (Latham. K, 2023), which inspired me to look for different ways to reduce the environmental footprint of my pets.  

 Sustainable Diets  

One of the main reasons I chose sustainable and friendly diets for my pets was that I knew that traditional meat-based diets contribute significantly to their carbon footprint worldwide, so I’ve explored alternative protein sources, such as insect-based pet food, that have become surprisingly nutritious and eco-conscious.  

Toys And Accessories  

 My pets like their toys and accessories when playing; however, I always look for eco-friendly options, such as toys made from secondhand materials or sustainable resources. In this way, these products will last longer, so you will only need to replace them sometimes.  

  Reducing Plastic 

 I always choose biodegradable waste bags for pet cleanup and select bulk packaging when purchasing pet supplies. These small changes contribute to a more sustainable routine for my pets and the environment. 

 I have the pleasure of being part of the amazing Green School Green Future team and have seen first-hand the incredible hard work they do. They need the support of everyone, here is the link so you can donate: https://greenschoolsgreenfuture.org/donate/ 


 As a pet owner, I always want to invest in the best for my fur friends to have the greatest well-being.  With these three tips, we are showing a lifestyle that prioritizes the health of the planet and my pets, too. We can go from a sustainable diet, toys, and accessories to reducing plastic waste. Going green is a responsibility and a commitment to a better world, one pawprint at a time. 



Latham, K. (2023) How I made my pets more environmentally friendly, BBC News. Available at: https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20231115-how-i-made-my-pets-more-environmentally-friendly.  


    Written By : Diana Chuquen


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