2023 Gift Guide: Sustainable Edition

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and with it, family memories to be made, a holiday party or two to be had, and delicious meals to savour. Warm memories of past years come to mind, something you look forward to. And this year will be no exception! Until… you remember the annual panic of gifting everyone on your list. Don’t let the daunting task of gift-giving put a damper on your merry this year! This guide is your 2023 holy grail to gifting with ease, but with a twist. The holiday season can be a huge source of excessive consumerism – but it doesn’t have to be. Everybody wants to give a gift that’s tailored to the recipient, not just another item that’s destined for the junkyard. There are so many great, tailored gift options that are budget friendly. Come on, let’s take a peek.

For the Makeup Lover

The Original Makeup Eraser

This washable, reusable makeup remover cloth is perfect for the beauty lover on your gift list. Scoring stellar reviews, the Makeup Eraser equals up to 3,600 makeup wipes and is washable up to 1000 times. Plus, it’s perfect for sensitive skin and removes even waterproof makeup with ease, without ripping out your lashes.

For the Aspiring Chef or Foodie

Caraway Cookware

Who doesn’t need or love a brand-new kitchen accessory? This aesthetic line of cookware is not only adorable but free of PFAs, which are found in non-stick cookware like Teflon. PFAs are known as “forever chemicals” as they persist for hundreds to thousands of years in our body and environment. Whether you want to gift a cookware set or individual pot, this better-foryou and eye-pleasing line makes the perfect gift.

For the Student

Wisdom Supply Co Planner 

Agendas are a university or school staple. As 2023 comes to a close, now is the perfect time to grab a new planner to start the new year on a fresh note. These zero-waste annual planners come in a variety of colors and are sure to make the upcoming exam season that much smoother. Stanley Cup

Stanley Cup:

These viral travel cups are all the rage, and for good reason too. They will keep your drink iced for 40 hours, cold for 9, and hot for 5. Both durable and sleek, this tumbler is a great gift option for loved ones of all ages. From class to the gym, to work, and everything in between. They are designed to last a lifetime and have committed to ensure at least 50% of their stainless steel products are made of recycled materials by 2025. If your New Year’s resolution is to drink more water, this one is for you!

For the Workaholic

Matt and Nat Krista Satchel

Many would consider having a durable yet clean-looking bag for the office a non-negotiable! Here’s a bag that really has it all. This Matt & Nat satchel is made of vegan leather and is crafted with 100% sustainable materials and ethical practices.

For the Kids and the Young at Heart

Recycled Seaside Puzzle

Puzzles are a great way to unwind during winter break for family members of all ages. This 1000-piece puzzle is made of recycled materials and printed on FSC®-certified paper using vegetable-based inks.

For the Homebody

Silk and Snow Weighted Blanket

We will all be spending lots of time with family and friends this holiday season, and what better way than to kick back and relax than have a cozy throw for your couch or living room? This Canadian-made weighted blanket is made without plastic pellets or beads. Featuring natural cotton, it is more sustainable than other synthetic options.

For Him

W&P The Homemade Hot Sauce Kit

We love a homemade alternative when it comes to food. This homemade hot sauce kit contains everything the man in your life will need to make 16 oz of homemade sauce. Includes a variety of spices, reusable bottles and corks, and all the gear you’ll need.

Allbirds Slippers

Allbirds slippers provide the best of both worlds, touted as both comfortable and ecofriendly. They are made with recycled and leftover materials, such as merino wool and polyester, and have a natural rubber sole. Thanks to Allbirds’s sustainable practices, these slippers are considered carbon-neutral, making them a guilt-free gift option.



    Written By Maddie Conn


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