Walking Challenge: Time to Trade in Your Boots for Runners

Time to Trade in Your Boots for Runners!

Walking is a simple act that is performed each day without much consideration. But many do not think about the numerous health benefits associated with walking. As we welcome spring, with the sun shining and birds chirping, it is time to trade in our boots for running shoes, and get outside!

Being outdoors, enjoying nature, and taking in Vitamin C the natural way are all beneficial for your mental and physical health. After a very difficult year of being cooped up inside and having activities and plans put on hold, it is especially important to practice self-care. Getting into the routine of going for a daily walk is a great way to start. Walking is such a simple activity that has been linked to so many benefits such as better sleep, lowering blood pressure, boosting energy levels, and weight loss. Movement is medicine for your body, and while it is easy to wrap yourself in a warm blanket by the fire to watch television or read a good book during the cold winter months, it is important to take advantage of the rays of sun and warmer weather when we can.

A walking challenge between friends is a great way to hold each other accountable and encourage your circle to get outside and start walking. Walking for any amount of time improves your health, but 30 minutes a day has many associated benefits which include increasing cardiovascular fitness, strengthening your bones, and reducing body fat. Having a walking buddy or group can be a great way to create a social environment as well, where you can talk and interact while also improving your health – creating an interactive space that has often been ignored over the last year. 

At Green Schools Green Future, we understand the importance of taking care of ourselves and taking care of the Earth. That is why this spring we encourage everyone to take this time to practice “grounding”. Grounding is a remarkable exercise that has been practiced for centuries and has become a daily activity for many people around the world. Grounding is simply taking off your socks and shoes, and walking outside in nature. It could be in your backyard on the grass, it could be on a trail along with the soil, whatever feels right for you.

For many, the last year has been an ample amount of time spent staring at a screen and communicating with people via a zoom call. It’s time to step away from the computer on your lunch hour and take a stroll, breathe in the oxygen being delivered to you by the trees and leaves, take in the beautiful scenery of the grass turning green and the leaves sprouting off of the branches. Re-ground yourself to the planet through your naked feet and express your gratitude for all that the Earth gives us that we often don’t consider.

If you would like to learn more about grounding and the science behind such a rich tradition, watch “The Earthing Movie” which discusses the scientific facts behind standing barefoot outside. This short documentary takes you through the background and benefits of grounding and how it can help benefit your life. Whether you take five minutes in the morning to walk about in the grass or soil or lay your feet to rest at the end of the day, you will begin to see the physical and mental benefits of grounding.

We encourage you to gather your friends, family, or even your virtual colleagues to participate in a walking challenge. This is a great way to stay healthy and active, while also connecting with the important people in your life. Who knows, you may be helping someone else during a difficult time just as much as you are practicing self-care. Make it fun for everyone and get outside today as we awaken from hibernation and welcome spring!

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Written by Cassandra Briscoe


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