Are you hunting for some sustainable footwear?

Are you aware that this industry is known for its notorious use of landfills and how most shoes are made almost entirely out of plastic?

Well, a select few footwear companies realized these discrepancies and have wised up, deciding to create footwear made entirely out of recycled plastic and/or sustainable materials.

And what are these companies? Here are two for you to look through!

1.     Thousand Fell 


Thousand Fell uses entirely vegan leather derived from plastic bottles, which we know take up much of the space in junkyards and landfills. It is coated with resin made of corn waste and a quartz outer layer for longevity and resistance against water. There is also natural/recycled rubber, castor oil for cushion, a sock liner coated with aloe vera, palm leaf for fibers, coconut husks and sugar cane.


Thousand Fell creates shoes that are looped to never harm the environment, from creation to trash. They are recyclable, allowing them to be refurbished down the line or broken down to reusable materials.

Carbon Goals:

Loops such as this are a win for the environment and result in no carbon emissions.

Thousand Fell also delivers their footwear in New York by bike as it is local. Supply:

Thousand Fell acquired their supplies from a family-owned factory in Brazil, where the materials, such as palm fibre, are sourced locally.


Thousand Fell donates shoes through Soles4souls, allowing the less fortunate to have quality footwear.

Possible Recommendation:

If you don’t know where to start, try Thousand Fell’s classic Lace up sneaker. They are breathable and can easily become your new go-to sneaker.

Price Range: $125 – $135

2.     VIVAIA 


Natural/recycled rubber, rice husks, recycled PET/faux fur, ABS, TPE, herbal foam


This brand’s plastic bottle shoes come in a variety of designs, for both style and function.

In addition, at least 6 bottles are required to make each pair of footwear Carbon Goals:

VIVAIA’s manufacturers use renewable energy as opposed to fuel, releasing little carbon emissions. As well, a knit technology is used with the outer layer of plastic bottles, reducing production waste.


The footwear is made in a factory that underwent inspection in China.


This company has supported many charities, ranging from the SOS Children’s Village to breast cancer research.

Possible recommendation:

There is a wide variety of possible recommendations with this brand. It ranges from boots, loafers, sandals to running shoes.

Price range: $97 – $199

I hope you enjoyed these two recommendations for some possible sustainable footwear. If you would like to learn about more sustainable footwear companies, click this link. Join us here at Green Schools Green Future for more info!


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  Written By Maaya Chander


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