Coffee balls – One of the best innovations

You never forget to brew your fresh coffee in the morning before beginning your day to keep you energized throughout the day. You can drink several cups every day to avoid feeling depressed as a result of work overload. But consider how those five pods every day might affect the environment.

Have you ever felt bad for having to contribute to the pollution of the environment? Coffee pods are an excellent illustration of wasteful single-use plastic use. Is there a practical way to limit this consumption? Yes, there is, and we shall address it in this post.

Most of us are addicted to coffee pods because they are simple to use and save time.

These seemingly harmless plastic pods may take 500 years to degrade, according to one research. The alarming reality is that over 350000 of these seemingly small plastic pods end up in landfill each year.

These coffee pods, which are generally constructed of aluminum and covered with plastic, usually wind up in landfills. It is undoubtedly challenging to separate these materials prior to the recycling process. Because the coffee pods are designed to withstand high pressure throughout the coffee-making process, they must be durable. Consider the possibility of not using standard aluminum or plastic capsules.

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What if I told you there is a coffee maker that uses a biodegradable coffee ball to make great fresh coffee? CoffeeB, a Swiss company, has created the Globe Coffee machine. The coffee balls used in this coffee machine are created by carefully refining ground coffee and then shaping it into a little ball. The coffee ball has a protective layer covering, but the greatest part is that the layer is made of vegetable material and is entirely recyclable.

According to the company, this invention is in response to environmental concerns. The product manufacturer thinks that it will contribute significantly to the reduction of aluminum and plastic waste in the coffee pods sector.

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For the coffee balls, the company employs biodegradable technology. These coffee balls can only be used in the CoffeeB machine system; they will not work in other coffee machines.

CoffeeB created these coffee balls with a thin, tasteless seaweed-based covering that helps the coffee preserve its flavour, freshness, and shape.

This product is now accessible in Switzerland and France, and we expect that it will be available globally very soon because of the rising worldwide coffee consumer market and environmental concerns.

The wonderful part about these coffee balls is that you can use them in your garden once they’ve been brewed to form a fantastic fertilizer, so technically zero waste. Green Schools Green Future promotes and supports innovative ideas and approaches to helping the environment and the world around us. We also support innovative approaches to reducing single-use product waste.





Plastic Coffee Pods: Good, Bad or Just Plain Ugly?


Blog Image Credit: CoffeeB – https://www.coffeeb.com/en-ch/coffee-machine

Written by Samreen Ishaq


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