The Arctic and Climate Change: A Recap of What Plagues the Polar Bears

When you think of the Arctic, what springs to mind? Well, I personally think of the large span of ice, glaciers and animals, like seals, penguins and my personal favorite, the polar bears. This once majestic environment has been slowly breaking down because of the latest climate change trends and the animals we love are going extinct because of it. 

What is happening in the Arctic? 

The Arctic is one of the fastest changing environments in the world because of its sensitivity to changing temperatures. As a result of this, the animals of the Arctic are very much impacted by the full extent of the consequences of climate change. The ice is melting at exponential rates, causing the ice that polar bears and other animals depend on for survival to melt away. The shrinking ice causes the polar bear’s main prey to stray far away from land, thus making them harder to catch. Because the sea ice is melting, there is no connection between the ice and the shore. This puts the bears at a disadvantage because they are no longer in their favored hunting grounds.Their overall body condition took a major decline and are almost unrecognizable to the beautiful creatures we once knew. Their habitat continues to dissipate all around them and they cannot evolve fast enough to keep up with the destruction of their home, a destruction that was caused by human action. 

What could be done? 

Many scientists have come together and have formed a plan. They propose that they can keep the north and south poles cool to reverse the effects of the heat on ice. They plan to deploy air-crafts that would spray a fine, aerosol solution above the poles that would provide shade for the span of ice where the poles reside. This shade would allow for rehabilitation of the habitats, alleviate rising sea levels and allow the poles to freeze instead of melt. By deflecting the radiation, it provides protection for the Arctic and reduces temperature levels. Scientists also say this option is one of the cheaper solutions to climate change and are willing to launch in the years to come. 

I hope you enjoyed this recap of what is happening in the world around you. I am a believer of the dependability, vitality and overall goodness of the environment surrounding us and also believe it is not too late for change. There is so much more information about this topic here at Green Schools Green Future, subscribe to our monthly newsletter to hear more and in more detail.





Blog Image Credit: Hans-Jurgen Mager



Written by Maaya Chander


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