Cameroon – Central Africa

Located in the village of Elat:

Lycée d’Elat is located in the Central Region in the district of Wawae whose capital is Yaoundé. It is a high school with about 500 students and is poor, landlocked and has a smaller population. Victim of climate change, with an increasingly arid land due to the abundant deforestation, Lycée d’Elat has no access to electricity or water. This constitutes a major obstacle in the performance of the work, the safety, the avoidance of diseases. With this in mind, cholera is not uncommon.

This school year, the Environment and Health Club, will be coordinated by Mr. Mekoul Israel Jacob Baruc, hopes thanks to God and partners, promote a green education and create an eco-responsible spirit in this high school of Elat.

Green Schools in Cameroon

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