The Ancient Practice of Tapping

The practice of tapping is a type of acupuncture that has been practiced for thousands of years. There are many benefits associated with tapping such as improved health and weight loss, while other studies show that tapping helps with depression, anxiety, and boosting overall happiness. 

 As with the ancient Chinese practice of medicine through acupuncture, it is understood that your body’s energy levels travel along pathways through your body.When stimulated by touch or a thin needle, the energy flow through your body improves. This pressure allows your body to send signals to your brain and awaken the central nervous system. 

Chemicals are released to your muscles and brain that promotes the healing of your physical and mental being, and allows your body the opportunity to heal in a more natural way.Tapping is used as therapy for your emotional and mental health. By finding specific pressure points in your body and drawing attention to those areas of tenseness or stress, you can clear them of negative emotions.

This allows the tension to loosen and lets both your body and your mind relax. Not all areas of your body respond to tapping, here is a chart to show specific areas that help free negative emotions through energy healing.

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The true benefits of tapping are the restoration of balance when your body’s energy levels have been disrupted. By bringing attention and pressure to these points on your body at the right time, you can reduce the stress or sadness you feel. If you have a family issue or a problem at work is on your mind – try tapping on the points mentioned in the diagram above and see if a more natural approach helps. 

By tapping on these pressure points, you can access your body’s energy levels and send signals to your brain. These brain signals control your stress levels and clear up the blockages in your body caused by negative emotions. 

It is easy to turn to food, or drinking, in stressful situations. However, those short-term solutions have long-term effects that are not beneficial or healthy to you. Instead, substitute natural and pure ways of healing that you can utilize in tough situations. In some practices, tapping has even been used to help people recover from alcoholism, addictions, traumatic events, or even physical issues such as illness and chronic pains.

If you want to reduce stress and anxiety while also elevating your mood, then tapping may be the best practice for you. When combined with other physical activity techniques such as yoga or meditation, studies show even more benefits are experienced.Tapping is a simple exercise that can be performed while on the train or subway, while sitting at your desk at work, or while on the coach after a long day – which makes it the perfect way to stay in touch with your body and give yourself a mood-booster when you need it.

By mastering techniques such as tapping, you can create more positive energy flow in your body which will in turn, harvest more feelings of happiness and balance in your mind as well. At Green Schools Green Future, we utilize the practices of yoga and meditation as a part of our school curriculum.

If you would like to learn more, visit www.greenschoolsgreenfuture.org and scroll to our ‘Featured Interviews’ where you can see our interview with Fern Wolf, who teaches tapping as a means to reduce trauma. In her teachings, she traveled to Africa and used tapping to help heal people from traumatic events that happened in African history, such as genocide





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Written By Cassandra Briscoe


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