If you watched the Super Bowl last month you may have noticed a recurring theme when it came to the commercials – that of the Electric Vehicle. Over the last few years, more car companies are following in Tesla’s footsteps by creating their own version of the Electric Vehicle (EV).The combination of gas prices skyrocketing and EV becoming more affordable, we may see a surge in the purchasing of these vehicles, which would be a great benefit to the environment. Depending on where you live, various government programs offer grants to zero-emissions drivers to assist in bringing the primary cost down and incentivise people to purchase EV’s instead.

There are many advantages to driving an electric vehicle, for both the environment and you as a consumer. Here are some of the benefits we would like to highlight:

1.  Energy Efficient

Electric motors are substantially more efficient than combustion engines as they convert 85 percent of electrical energy into motion, compared to the latter which only converts 40%. 

 The nature of the design of electric motors in comparison to combustion engines makes them highly reliable. The design is simple, with minimal moving parts in the engine – which ensures that no energy is lost and trips to the mechanic are much less likely. This improves the efficiency of the vehicle, when it comes to energy usage and the overall satisfaction of the driver.

     2.  Low maintenance

Electric vehicles are designed to be high performance and low maintenance. We live in a world where mechanic trips come around often – and can be a pricey bill to pay. With EV’s, you not only are saving on the gasoline needed to commute from point A to point B, but the long-term maintenance of your vehicle that will last you longer and take you further on the road. 

As soon as you start driving your EV you will feel the difference as the car offers a smoother and quieter ride than that of a combustion engine.

    3.  Reduce emissions 

Reduced usage of fossil fuels alone are a great reason to make the switch to EV’s. Vehicles are a major source of air pollution across the globe and by eliminating those pollutants we can reduce emissions. We can recharge electricity through different renewable sources, making the planet cleaner every time you drive. If combustion engines are eliminated it will be a big leap in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions across many regions of the world.

   4.   Electricity is more affordable

This benefit is easy to understand as gas prices continue to climb in many countries. Electricity is more affordable than gasoline and is produced domestically, which means gas does not have to be imported at a hefty fee. Although the prime cost up front is often more expensive than other vehicles, you can gain it back thanks to the low cost of running the car. 

Many insurance companies offer great benefits to people operating EV’s as a way to promote more drivers making the switch to electric. The rechargeable battery can be charged through renewable sources such as solar panels or wind power. So charging your car supports your local economy and allows you to save money at the same time!

  5.   Good for the planet & good for drivers

In conclusion, the movement to electric vehicles will be a massive improvement for the planet and the drivers. As more companies continue to get on board and improve the technology behind EV’s we will see an influx in consumers taking them on the road. It costs much less to run a car on electricity than petroleum and the short and long term benefits for the environment are a step in the right direction. 

So is it time for you to make the switch to an electric vehicle? Through this change, we can take significant steps in reducing our carbon footprint and making the air that we breathe in more clean. Although their full green potential is still a leap away, the small strides we take will make a massive difference in the health and wellness of the planet. 







Blog Image Credit: Andrew Roberts on Unsplash



Written By Cassandra Briscoe

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