Black History Month is a time to recognize the extraordinary contributions of African Americans throughout our nation’s history. As we remember the past, we also honor the persistence, determination, and commitment of today’s Black leaders who champion justice and equality in their communities. Black History Month also provides an opportunity for teachers and students to talk about the lives of influential Black leaders, such as Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, Malcolm X, and Frederick Douglass, to name a few. This year is not an exception as we celebrate our past and new heroes and heroines who have been outstanding in black history.

In a nutshell, I will say it means showcasing Black people’s contributions to the world”. Having a dedicated month connects people to go back to fish out some of the things that would not otherwise have been brought back by daily occurrences. Brings out both success and mistakes. The culture is a big thing. It’s about that uniqueness. It’s about what is it as a Black person that you can offer to society. Society is big and everybody has something to contribute. So, when I think about my culture, I am a Ghanaian with a diverse culture, hence I can contribute a lot to society.

This year I ask a simple question?

Do we have a solid foundation for the next-generation of Black’s Americans?

Black History Month has always had a special meaning, and I have always given remembrance to the month. However, the meaning and how I acknowledge it has changed as I’ve gotten older and had more experiences in the world. Last year’s occurrences (BLACK LIVES MATTER UPRISING & MOVEMENT ACROSS THE WORLD) have had a lot going on through my mind and I have a lot of questions with no answers. I keep on asking myself, what does the future hold for blacks. Do we have a secured future, do the next generation have a solid foundation being an African or coming from that origin?

When I was younger, Black History Month meant being grateful to my ancestors for fighting for my rights as an African. I acknowledged the month by watching documentaries and past heroes and sharing their stories with others. But can the current generation carry on the flame? A question that comes to mind anytime I see injustice to blacks anywhere in the world. Can we achieve 100% equity in society. Can people really see us for who we are and not necessarily our color. What more can I do or contribute to protect Blacks in society.

Do you keep on celebrating Black History month yearly without taking any action or activism for Blacks across worldwide in your own small ways? It’s TIME TO WALK THE TALK.

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Written By Dennis Dankwa


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