In 2020, 2021,  adults and children alike have become accustomed to “The New World” of work in regards to career and education. But what are the long-term effects of this new way of life? We have become comfortable with the presence of modern technology throughout our smart homes. However, we often focus on the effects these products have on our mental and social lives, while many of us are unaware of the physical harm and lingering issues that may develop over time to our physical bodies.

Electro Magnetic Fields, or EMFs, have been a concern for experts for many years but with the recent spike of people working from home, the effects will be felt more than ever. Our smartphones, Wi-Fi routers, laptops, and other appliances around the house are all culprits of sending out invisible energy waves which can be dangerous to your physical and mental health. These types of appliances release low-level radiation that is unsafe and goes unrecognized by most people. As a parent, it is important to protect both your children and yourself by acknowledging the dangers of holding your cellphone to your ear, and setting an example of the safe distances we should be keeping from EMF liberating appliances.

On the bright side, there are ways to safe-guard your home and limit exposure to these harmful rays. By regulating your contact and proximity to certain devices, you can significantly increase your defence against EMFs. It is logical for most people to bring the Wi-Fi router closer to your office space – or areas of high traffic like your kitchen or living room – in the hope of a stronger connection to the network. However, just as we social distance from each other in public, it is in your best interest to social distance from these appliances as well.

The long-term effects of EMF are still somewhat uncertain as technology continues to grow at faster rates. No one knows the harm that ample screen time will have on Generation Z in twenty, fifty, or seventy years. Nonetheless, scientists have developed ways to fight the effects of radiation exposure and have created products to combat it. Simple gestures such as removing your cellphone from your bedside as you sleep (impossible for many), can help keep you safe from the invisible frequencies.

Exposure to low-level EMF has been linked to various health issues such as headaches, stress, disruption of sleep due to reduced melatonin, memory loss, fatigue, melanoma of the eye, and weakened immune systems. Increased levels of depression and anxiety have also been associated with EMF. These effects alone should scare most people, while scientists have dug even deeper to find that exposure can also cause genetic damage, infertility, loss of a pregnancy, and brain tumours. Still not worried?

EMFs have been proven to lower sperm count in men, and experts worry that keeping your phone in your front pocket can be a simple cause. For women, EMF radiation is linked to disturbing the biological makeup of cells within the body, making fertility more and more difficult. Some women carry a cell phone in their bra or front pocket, or put their laptop directly on their lap while working. This type of neglect is connected to the spike in infertility seen over the last few decades – a number which continues to grow.

We can’t escape EMF in this day and age, but we can protect ourselves and our families. Here are five simple steps you can take to limit your EMF exposure:

  1. Keep the router away from the desk

Although most people today cannot live without a strong Wi-Fi connection, turning off your router when not in use is a great way to fight EMF exposure. If it cannot be turned off, keeping it a safe distance away from where you work, or high traffic areas of the home, is the best solution. Using an Ethernet cable is a safer way to connect your devices, as well as using a wired keyboard and mouse. If possible, turn off your Wi-Fi router completely while you sleep.

  1. Use Speakerphone to make calls or use Defender Shield

Using the speakerphone function on your cell phone is an easy solution to reduce EMF exposure. Holding the phone directly to your face is very harmful to your brain cells, which prompted companies such as Defender Shield to create a six-foot protective field that neutralizes radiation.

  1. Turn off Bluetooth – use wired products instead

With hands-free technology becoming more prominent, it is easy to keep products connected to your cell phone at all times. The Apple Watch, Beats headphones, Airpods, fitness watches, Siri, Alexa, and the Google Home, have all become staple household appliances and require a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection that can be harmful. When not in use, turn off the Bluetooth function to protect yourself. To go a step further, when your phone is not in use (i.e., when sleeping) it is best to put your phone in airplane mode as an extra precaution.

  1. Himalayan Salt Lamps

Salt lamps are often recognized as a room detoxifier, with benefits linked to clearing asthma and the air. However, many don’t know they are also proven to reduce EMF as the crystals absorb and refract light. Having a salt lamp on your desk or nightstand can help neutralize the harmful EMF radiation floating throughout your office or bedroom.

  1. Qi (pronounced “key”) Shield 

The Qi Shield is a device that was designed for offices, bedrooms, vehicles, or small homes to protect against radiation. It is a portable device that can help neutralize radiation, provide a protective layer for your body, and gives you peace of mind while working or travelling. The device comes in different sizes to accommodate the type of defence you are looking for.

Scientists have not fully grasped the effects EMF exposure will have on the youth of today – who spend far more time with screens than any generation before. It is difficult to say what problems we will face in the future, from diminished eyesight to infertility, the full effects are unknown. Limiting screen time and using airplane mode when possible is a simple solution to protecting your children from the short and long-term effects EMFs may have on them.

According to the World Health Organization, “Wi-Fi radiation is a possible cancer-causing agent.” These studies have allowed them to categorize Wi-Fi with lead exposure and smoking – which took time to fully understand the dangers of. With online learning and remote work relying heavily on Wi-Fi, it is important to understand the risks and what you can do to protect.

In 2020 and 2021, as we learn to keep our distance from people, maybe it’s time we start to think about keeping our distance from Electromagnetic Fields as well. At the end of the day, devices that are not in use should be turned off. It is good for your health and the planet alike.

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Written By Cassandra Briscoe

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