Simple and Sustainable New Year’s Resolutions

Hello 2022! As we welcome the New Year, many make resolutions about things they would like to improve or achieve as the start of the new calendar begins.

Resolutions have been a tradition, dating back many years and are ways to challenge yourself with new goals. However, as climate change and environmental issues continue to worsen, we must make lifestyle changes that benefit the planet.

At this time, we should all be making changes in our everyday lives that are better for the environment and are sustainable solutions. Not sure on how to get started? Check out these ten simple solutions that you can started implementing into your life today:

  1. Utilize other means of transportation

Reduce your transportation footprint, as cars account for a lot of carbon dioxide emissions. Limit the amount of times you drive your car and make sure to not idle as it pollutes the air. Opt for walking, or biking when you can, and take public transit if it is available to you. Walking or biking is a healthy solution for both you and the planet!

      2. Ditch plastic shopping bags

Many have opted out of plastic shopping bags at the grocery store, but this year try to take it a step further. Eliminate plastic bags altogether whether for grocery shopping, or clothing shopping by bringing reusable shopping bags with you. There are some bags that roll up and fit in your purse, or keep them in your vehicle to make sure they are always with you and a great alternative to plastic bags that are harmful to the environment.

   3. Air dry your clothing

Clothing dryers use a huge amount of energy which can be easily reduced by using a clothesline or drying rack instead. In the summer especially, use the sunlight and warmth to dry your clothes quickly and effectively. Even in the winter, a foldable drying rack is easy to use and easy to store. Save on your bills and make a green choice that is better for all.

    4. Rethink fashion

Using second-hand clothes are good for your wallet and are earth-friendly. Recognize that you don’t always need the newest fashion item on the shelf, and start using second-hand clothes from friends and family, or from a thrift store. You would be shocked at the great things you can find in a thrift store! At the same time, use the new year to purge your closet of clothing items you no longer use, and donate them for someone else to cherish.

  1. Grow a garden

Avoid processed foods, and eat fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are grown from the Earth. Plan to start a garden for yourself and taste the difference. It feels good to grow your own foods and you will be proud to serve foods from your garden straight to the table (they will also be more nutritious!). Limit the transportation resources used to get boxed or canned foods from the grocery store, when you have the soil and space to grow your own.

  1. Eat those leftovers!

Food waste is a big problem for many reasons. Aside from being wasteful, it contributes to climate change, and food insecurity which is a huge problem for people and countries all over the world. Instead of throwing food away to landfills, it can be converted into nutrient-rich soil by composting. So think before tossing because food is valuable and should not be taken for granted.

  1. No more plastic bottles (BPA)

A simple goal for 2022 is to eliminate your use of plastic water bottles all together. Reusable bottles are a sustainable solution, with great technology to keep drinks cold for long periods of time, or warm if you prefer. The oil used to produce plastic water bottles is substantial, and eliminating them is essential to save resources and protect ecosystems.

  1. Opt for email receipts

Another easy change you can make is to not print receipts when shopping at grocery stores or retail stores. If given the option, opt for an email receipt instead and cut down on paper waste. This is also a great solution as it is easier to locate an email receipt if you must refund or return a product, instead of searching for a small receipt in your junk drawer.

  1. Shop local!

A phrase that has been used over the last two years in bulk – and still sends a strong message. Shopping locally is important for the environment and economy alike. Supporting local farmers, as well as reducing your commute to get food on the table benefits all. You reduce greenhouse gas emissions because the food doesn’t have to travel so far to get to your plate, making it a great solution for the new year.

For more ideas on sustainable shopping, check out our online shop and support local business owners around your area: https://greenschoolsgreenfuture.org/shop-sustainably/

  1. Teach kids a green lifestyle

The best way to ensure a green future for the generations to come is to inspire and be an example for that generation. Lead by your actions and get them involved by challenging them to follow these tips in the new year. Show them the importance of their actions, and how they can help in the fight against climate change as well.

At Green Schools Green Future, our whole platform stands on educating our youth on the challenges they will face in the future, and how we can change the outcomes. From technological advances, to aquaponic farming, we have a wide-range curriculum to teach children to live more green. If you are interested in our cause and mission, learn more by visiting www.greenschoolsgreenfuture.org, and learn how you can get involved by donating or volunteering with our dedicated team.

The future generations will thank you for the big and small sacrifices we make today. Let’s make 2022 a great year, so that the present and future generations can enjoy the beautiful and bountiful planet Earth that we all get to call home.






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Written By Cassandra Briscoe


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