The researchers are scientifically proved that how organic foods can build the mental growth of children. The children in the age group of 2-10 years need rich fibre food content to develop their mental resolving capability. The studies from Spain show that children who consume more natural foods have more memory than others who take fast foods. The nutritionists recommend those healthy foods for the good mental health of kids. Organic is predicated on a natural kind of farming, which helps nourish the fertilizers in the soil in an environment-friendly manner. 

Organic foods consist of antioxidants and neither antibiotics nor synthetic hormones and pesticides. On the other hand, organic foods are more decadent in fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins which all function for the mental development of kids. During childhood, the intake of chemicals in an excessive manner will affect brain development among kids. The studies show that children consuming fast foods have lower academic scores than children intaking natural foods. The memory and reasoning ability in children is directly correlated with green foods and their intakes. Poor dietary food intake in childhood visibly shows symptoms of depression, anxiety.

However, the consumption of poor dietary foods in childhood can be a reason for mental dysfunctions. Furthermore, the children should include dairy products and organic vegetables and fruits in their daily diet for sufficient vitamins and minerals for their mental health. In addition, the consumption of low-calorie foods can replace processed and chemical foods to live healthier. Create adduction to freshly grown fruits and vegetables rather than cookies, snack foods, and learn their tastebuds to love their taste. One group of people, such as pregnant women, children, and chronic diseases, strictly follow an organic diet to live better.









Written By Mable Francis


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