The Ash of Demise

Such a beautiful world we live in
Air as fresh as the purest sea caressing our hair
But after each day, the fire we started is coming back to burn us
The bird’s sweet songs are replaced with the sounds of mechanical monsters

The stench of decay which we breathe everyday

Plastic teams in the ocean
Causing death and pain to innocent creatures
Icebergs being consumed into the sea

Carbon and gasoline
Drowning the world in black like ink
The beauty of Mother Nature is being burned away
The smoke clouding the night sky
As we choke on our own life

It’s now to the point where we don’t have air to breathe
Yet ignoring all the facts that come in high pitched screams
The ghosts of tomorrows’ children begging us to tell them what happened
The guilt we should feel knowing all we have is a scorched planet
If only we could begin again and slow the ruinous pace

This all occurred

When a group of people known as society

Committed to an act beyond their sanity
The lush green heaven turned to an abyss
We ignited the match of ignorance
And set this world into flames
Only soon until we perish
In the ash of demise.


Written By Sarah Syed


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