Make the Most of a Staycation

With lockdown measures finally opening up, many are dreaming about their next vacation, and have been for a year and a half. However, travelling is not always an option for everyone as it is time consuming, and sometimes expensive.

Lucky for you, there are ways to experience the euphoria of a vacation without the credit card transaction or time away from work. 

Have a staycation!

If planned and done properly, a staycation will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed just the same as a normal vacation. It is a great way to unwind and give yourself the self-care you need and deserve. 

Taking a break, like a vacation or staycation, is good for the mind, body, and soul. Even a four day break can significantly lower stress levels and help you feel more calm and relaxed. To get the best out of your staycation, create a relaxing and peaceful spa-like sanctuary for you to enjoy in whatever time frame best suits you. 

From a mentality note, it is sometimes easier to distract ourselves than confront our thoughts head on. A far away vacation is a great way to stay distracted, live in the moment, and have a good time. However, those thoughts are still around when you return home feeling relaxed and a little sunburnt. A staycation gives you the time to relax all the same, but maybe process some of those thoughts more organically by dealing with them head on. Something stressing you out about work or your family life? Sit back and reflect and see if the mentality of the staycation helps your mind just as much as it soothes your body. 

You can decide the type of staycation you are looking for, and what kind of money you would like to spend. While travelling is wonderful, it can be expensive, plus the added hassle of planning arrangements, packing a luggage, gathering documents, updating passports, and changing money so you are operating in the right currency. With a staycation you get the relaxation started right away.

Still not convinced? Here are three reasons you should consider a staycation:

  • Relax and unwind 

A staycation is a great excuse to unplug for a couple days. Turn away from your work email, give your phone a rest, and just relax. The stresses of the world can be overwhelming sometimes and a staycation allows you the time to breathe and relax within your everyday life.  Get yourself a good book, throw on your pajamas and a face mask, and light a lovely smelling candle. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

  • Hello savings!

Another great reason to consider a staycation is for the savings. When thinking about travelling for vacation, you must consider your plane ticket, hotel reservations, rental vehicles, passport costs, meals while away, and extra personal purchases. By staying in, you are getting the same relaxation on a budget, without the scary bank statement when you return.

  • No booking, no planning, staycation whenever you want

One of the most difficult parts about taking a vacation is the planning that comes with it. Whether you go away for a couple days, or two weeks, there is lots to plan! Booking plane tickets, arranging a shuttle or rental vehicle, creating an itinerary for excursions or tourist attractions, and so on. Not to mention trying to decide what to bring along in your suitcase. With a staycation, all those stresses fall away and you can enter instant relaxation mode. You can plan to go to your favourite restaurant, try something new in town, or you can plan to order in – the choice is all yours! 

So if you need to get away but want to avoid the hassles of leaving the province or country, think about having a staycation. Make it your own, add in a bubble bath with a nice organic herbal candle with the best take out you can find in your area, or take yourself to a nice dinner, buy the best chocolate bar and enjoy the time to relax in the midst of your everyday life. Everyone needs a little time for themselves. Bottom line – stop and “smell the roses” as they say, with again a nice book instead of your laptop……you deserve it!






Blog Image Credit: Fokusiert on iStock and Taryn Elliott on Pexels


Written By Cassandra Briscoe

Hand turns a dice and changes the expression "vacation" to "staycation".

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