Benefits of Vertical Garden and what to grow?

Do you ever want to create a little home garden but lack sufficient space? Or if you have a large yard but simply want to use a small portion of it for plants, veggies, and fruit? So don’t worry, we’ve got your back. This post will go through the best approach to start a garden in a tiny space. This is known as a vertical garden. Let’s dig deep to harvest the treasure.

Why do I need a vertical garden?


Who doesn’t enjoy having a place to relax for a few minutes every day? You don’t want to clutter up your little space with a bunch of small pots on the ground. Here comes the vertical garden, a space-saver that will allow you to enjoy your spare time and space. You may organize the space in your vertical garden as you like. Put up as many posts as you want.


One of the most advantageous aspects of the vertical garden is that it decreases water waste in gardening. You’re always aware that you can’t over-water your plants. Place a special tarry at the base of your plants; it catches all of the excess water and can be reused to water the plants. Another option is to use a rain barrel along with the solar-powered watering system. When the weather is excessively hot, the solar-powered automated watering system helps you by automatically releasing extra water to plants.

Air purifier and temperature control

Vertical gardens, living walls, or green walls help in the intake of nontoxic air. When you add an air purifier plant to your vertical garden, it collects dangerous VOCs and poisons such as carbon monoxide from the air. This helps in the purification of both indoor and outdoor air quality.

Our health should be our priority in everything we do. If gardening is your interest, this is the most peaceful way to spend your time. Gardening provides a sense of purpose, and the outcomes might be delicious veggies and fruit. However, you also remember that when you produce your own food, you do not use toxic fertilizers that are damaging to your, your family’s, and the environment’s health.  

You feel certain that what you are putting into your body is safe, natural, and organic. The health advantages are not only physical but also mental. While gardening and growing food, people believe they have control over something, which helps to ease the stress of uncontrollable circumstances in their lives.

Activity for children:

Involve kids in growing food in your vertical garden. It is beneficial to spend quality time with children and to expose them to nature. The research found that children who grow food and participate in gardening consume more fruit and vegetables than children who do not.

Involve children in the garden to grow food, later, to preparing the meal in the kitchen. It helps them improve their critical thinking abilities, and of course, no screen time is a huge plus.

Safety from Pests and pets:

Some pets, such as slugs, snails, and bugs that emerge from the earth, maybe simply be avoided with vertical gardens. Furthermore, the probability of your pets or the pets of your neighbors destroying your garden will be significantly reduced. It also helps plants to be less prone to fungal diseases.

What to grow in the vertical garden?

You may experiment with a vertical garden to make it fit your space and your tastes. Now let’s talk about what to plant in a vertical garden? Most fruit and vegetables, as well as nearly every type of herbs, can be grown in a vertical garden. To get the most out of a vertical garden, you can use a variety of equipment and pots. The garden tower is another wonderful example of putting everything into a limited space. It also has an amazing compositing system.


Everyone likes the bright red color of fresh tomatoes in their garden. Tomatoes are simple to grow, however, in some climate circumstances, the tomato plant might be challenging. Tomatoes require high-quality, nutrient-rich soil. The soil is especially essential when growing tomatoes in pots or a vertical garden. So, you can purchase potting soil that contains all the nutrients required for a healthy tomato plant.


Cucumbers, which are both beautiful and tasty, may grow vertically. One advantage of growing cucumbers vertically is that they are easy to water and can be watered straight at the main stems. Also, because it does not come into contact with dirt, the fruit will be cleaner, and it will grow straighter. Cucumbers would be easy to harvest in the vertical garden because they would be at eye level rather than hidden by foliage.


Strawberries can be produced in a vertical home garden. You can grow and eat your favorite fruit no matter how much room you have. Strawberry plants can be planted separately in different pots or in a strawberry planting tower, which can hold 20 plants. Use nutrient-rich soil and water the plant regularly.

You can turn gardening into a family activity. The advantages of spending quality time with family are numerous. When children are exposed to nature, they learn the value of being environmentally sensitive. At Green Schools Green Future, we teach children to love nature and encourage them to produce and eat healthy food. This practice benefits them as well as the environment.






Written By Samreen Ishaq


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