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iFarm is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the prestigious Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label. That mark of quality brings sustainable and profitable solutions to the forefront and recognizes them as viable alternatives to mainstream products and services.

We are very excited about our new partnership with Qatar-based Al-Sadarah Group, owner of Agrico Organic Farm. Together, we will build and collaboratively manage a commercial-scale indoor farm based on iFarm’s latest AI-powered vertical farming technology in one of the aridest and hottest countries in the world. The new project will help ensure a steady year-round supply of fresh produce and contribute to achieving the country’s self-sufficiency in food production.

A vertical farm in a plane? This may sound impossible, but it is not! 
As one of European commercial airlines had been seeking a smart way to upcycle decommissioned aircraft, iFarm engineers came up with an idea to transform it into a salad bar. They designed a custom vertical farm to fit in the plane’s fuselage and produce up to 14 kg of ultra fresh salad every day.
See more specs and details of this project at Vertical Farm Daily.

Our team is through to the finals of the Impact Shakers Awards that honours entrepreneurs solving complex societal challenges. Public voting runs until June 18, after which the winners will be announced. Check the link below to explore the list of pioneers and give your vote.


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