Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms around the world

Mother’s Day is a holiday honouring motherhood that is observed in different forms throughout the world. Mother’s Day is special to all of us, isn’t it? All of us look forward to this day to let our mummy dear know how special she is to us.

All of us look forward to this day to let our mummy dear know how special she is to us. But do you know just how this day came into existence; when was it first observed or who celebrated it first? 

Mother’s Day is a celebration of the mother of the family, of her relentless contributions towards the growth and well-being of her children. While one day is really not enough to pay tribute to and honour the mother, the day encourages people to come out in support and acknowledgement of everything that a mother tirelessly does, day in and day out.

It is believed that the modern Mother’s Day celebration first began in the US when a woman by the name of Anna Jarvis wanted the day to be celebrated because her own mother had expressed such a desire. When she passed, Jarvis took up the initiative and held a memorial for her mother in the year 1908, three years after her death. It was done at St Andrew’s Methodist Church in West Virginia. It is said that while she herself did not attend it, she sent a telegram to the attendees, highlighting the significance of the day. She also sent them five hundred white carnations, it is said.

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day Today?                        

In 2021, given the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, many of us are rethinking how to give extra recognition to moms. Some of us are apart from our moms when we’d normally be together. And many of us are worried about our moms, some of whom are in the high-risk age range. We have listed some fun things that you can do this Mother’s day and celebrate with her.

  • Make a little Menu – DIY pizza: It’s a craft (depending on how artfully you place the toppings), an activity and a meal all at once! Start with basic pizza dough, then everyone gets to add their favourite toppings. Mom gets first to pick, of course.
  • Plant some flowers – If you have some extra space in your garden, you can create a real, live Mother’s Day canvas. First, buy various packets of flower seeds that grow fast and well in your region. Then have your kids draw a picture or write a short message (like “We love Mom”) in the garden dirt with a stick. Drop the flower seeds into the dirt lines; then cover them up, and water every few days. Before long, your picture (or message) will be blooming, and you’ll have a Mother’s Day gift that keeps on growing.
  • Host a lawn-game tournament – Croquet, cornhole, bocce, outdoor Jenga or horseshoes — what’s your family’s game of choice? Split into teams and drum up some friendly rivalry with — while soaking in rays — with a backyard challenge. Make a yearly tradition, and pass around a trophy to the winner each year.
  • Give your mom flowers – it doesn’t have to be anything fancy and you can send them from anywhere. I personally like potted flowers as they last much longer.
  • Make your mom breakfast in bed. More like brunch in bed — let her sleep in, then enjoy flapjacks and snuggles! Don’t forget the coffee and/or mimosas!
  • Give her a much-needed day off – From everything cooking, cleaning, and errands.
  • Make her a collection of her favourite family recipes, or have the ones that have been passed down from generations bound together with photos and family stories from the past.
  • Bake dessert together.
  • Mother’s Day wouldn’t be complete without something sweet. If your mom loves to bake, whip something up together. 
  • Give her what she’s been desperately craving: a few hours of uninterrupted sleep. You and baby can go somewhere out of hearing range and let Mom catch those much-needed ZZZs. Gift her a lavender eye pillow to make it extra relaxing.
  • Come up with a number of reasons why you love your mom, handwrite it on scraps of scrapbook paper and roll them up and put them in a jar.

Who to Celebrate on Mother’s Day

As Mother’s Day draws near, it can become difficult to determine what woman to celebrate when so many have been involved in your (or your baby’s) life. Ultimately, you’ll need to determine what type of Mother’s Day celebration is best for your growing family. Take a few minutes to think through what you desire for your first mother’s day, how to celebrate the women in your extended family, and ways to recognize the women who have invested in you.

Your first Mother’s Day is a special time and, as such, it’s the perfect opportunity to decide exactly how you want to spend it.

Perhaps the best advice I’ve ever heard is that, as a new mother, whatever emotions you’re feeling are okay. There’s no right or wrong way to feel in the early days of motherhood. Consider jotting a quick note this Mother’s Day to the women who have inspired you. Skip the guilt and plan to keep your celebration simple but meaningful for the women in your life.



Written By Minnie Tuteja


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