Three Keys to An Abundant Garden

Last year took everyone by surprise and society had to re-invent their schedule to avoid boredom or the lack of wasted time. Thus, many people had begun to explore new hobbies. Yet, how many of us considered introducing ourselves to eco-friendly activities that would help reduce the carbon footprint of our beloved home, the earth? Gardening is considered one of the best ways to reduce environmental pollution since by growing your own garden, you are the one to decide what goes on your plants and into your soil, allowing you to reduce the number of harmful chemicals polluting our environment and waterways. In addition, gardening promotes sustainable agriculture; reducing food transportation costs and reducing water runoff. All species of life can all benefit from urban agriculture since it creates habitats and improves the ecology of the area.

Gardening is crucial for health benefits as well. A recent study has shown that people who garden reported a positive association with gardening was observed for various health outcomes. The results presented and showcased that gardening can improve physical, psychological, and social health, which can, from a long-term perspective, alleviate and prevent various health issues facing today’s society. 

Considering the health benefits, it is vital to encourage people to participate in regular exercise in gardens. However, there are three tips and keys to successfully creating your own luscious garden. 

Regrow Your Vegetables

Although this might be a very common statement, it does create a chain effect of a zero-waste lifestyle. This is crucially important especially during these times. Regrowing vegetable scraps is a way to do so and is more effective compared to throwing them away or composting them. Some vegetables that have re-growing properties include lettuce, leeks, green onions, celery and fennel. The steps are simple really! All you have to do is place the root ends of the vegetable in a bowl with water and place it in a sunny place. Once the plant grows in size, transfer it to a pot and you will soon have your vegetables.

You can even use the seeds to regrow your vegetables. However, some seeds require fermentation in order to allow the gelatinous coating around them to dissolve improving germination. Some steps to follow for using seeds is to soak the seeds for at least two days and then leave them to dry. This method works for any vegetable including cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers!

Soil Preparation 

Choosing the perfect spot for your garden can be an energy drain. Yet, there is a way to create your own garden using potted plants. Just remember that the amount of sunlight is very important in the growth process. Now time to prepare the soil if you plan to use your garden. Carefully prepare your soil and make sure that the area is clear (no leaves for example). An important hack when gardening is not to place the seeds in one spot but rather scatter the seeds everywhere and cover them with a few millimetres of soil. If you are planting carrots, bury the seed a bit deeper. Firm the soil down to ensure good contact between the seeds. Don’t forget to water your plants because it is key!

Take Notes

What is gardening without note-taking? We all need to be prepared to make changes in our gardening lifestyle and the first step to that is to take notes. Try different types of water sources for example or soil sources. All these tiny factors play a huge role in the formation of your garden. Some people find gardening on an inclined part of the yard helpful. This even includes protecting the crop grown. Sometimes the neighbour’s dog may accidentally go inside your garden. Creating a small barrier with fences can be helpful and also add a nice touch of elegance. Be open to making changes because gardening does not happen overnight.

Gardening is so much more than a task, it is a fun activity to do with you and your family to create a better and sustainable world. It even provides a calm surrounding to the person gardening. And the best part is enjoying the fresh vegetables or fruits right from your garden! 







Sarah Syed


Written By: Sarah Syed



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