How is Valentine’s Day is different this year?

2020 was definitely a changing year for the world. We celebrated each and every occasion differently than we did before. The year taught us to be home, to care for our loved ones, to spend time with them and get to know them better, which we could not do over the years for so many reasons. 2020 taught us to care for each other and nature, something which we have always known, but never had an opportunity to accept. With 2021 in the picture now, will things go back to normal? How normal will it be? We won’t know it for a few more months at least (as predicted by most leaders). So this is another occasion that will be spent in the lockdown. But, how can you possibly show your love and affection in lockdown? Is that possible? A little advanced planning can make you celebrate without leaving your house. Here are some ideas to explore;
1) Have an Indoor Picnic. Well, wouldn’t that be nice? Have a theme is what we would say. Dress up according to the theme and click a picture and enjoy the day in a unique way.

2) Dip everything in chocolate, I mean why not? It’s Valentine’s after all. Get your kids involved too and let them have a fun day, while you have a unique celebration with your family.
3) Chill up & relax with a movie marathon. Well, wouldn’t that be nice? Start with the typical 90’s romcoms. Have your popcorn and candy ready and make the best of the time.
You can do something different or go for the clichéd and common. Whatever floats your boat. Cook a nice meal together with some good music. Line up the table with fresh flowers and a nice satin tablecloth. Light a candle and enjoy each other’s company. While some being a couple may really enjoy this, other families can do it a little differently. Why not involve the whole family clan in the dinner party? Ask your kids to help you out with dinner. Make it a family activity and say grace with a beautiful candlelight dinner for the family.

Valentine’s day is not just about giving your loved ones candies, flowers and gifts. It’s a feeling of love and joy to be in each other’s company. While some of us may feel that we have been in each other’s company all year and this may not be anything different, why not take this opportunity to make it special. Make it a day to remember for years to come!
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Written by Minnie Tuteja

Valentine's Day

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