3 ways to unlock your inner fashionista!

During the pandemic, clothing has become a secondary source. Instead of creative outfits that bring out our personalities, we are now putting on random, casual attire that is comfortable and suitable throughout the day, spent mostly indoors. Despite the lockdown, we can still be fashionable, without spending much and with minimal effort. We can always find different strategies to feel good by designing our own clothes.  In fact, it may be the perfect time to try out a new hobby. Are you ready to be the next fashionista? Try out these amazing tips:

Alter your clothing

Do you have a sewing machine, needles, and a variety of colourful threads at home? If not, order these tools online and get ready to add new designs on a simple t-shirt or pants. If you own any clothing in need of repair, fear not!  You can simply mend the tear with the magic of fabric tools and techniques.  
Here is a video for more information:

Some sewing kits: 

Sewing Machine Carrying Case and Supplies

More Sewing Supplies

Once you become an expert in sewing, the options for creating new clothing designs are endless. Feel free to use your creativity and imagination to redesign a plain t-shirt into the most detailed staple piece of your wardrobe. Also, keep in mind that you are not only learning a new hobby but helping the environment since fast fashion is the second most polluting industry in the word. However, by making and altering your own clothes, you are able to buy less and help the environment more!

Read more about sustainable fashion: 

Global Perspectives on Sustainable Fashion E-book

Eco Thrifty Living Book

Style your own clothes and do photoshoots
Perhaps you may be a fan of mixing and matching different outfits. For the visual ones who love colour and patterns, a good hobby for you to try is styling. Look into your wardrobe and match different clothes and accessories to create a unique fashion theme. If you are happy with the results, take a picture and post it on social media. 

Are people starting to admire your style and unique taste in fashion? Then why not step up your fashion game! You may become an influencer on social media. Start experimenting with more colours and trends – look through different fashion magazines to learn more about new and upcoming trends in the fashion industry. Try to find a new style that resembles your character and do another quick photoshoot inside your house. 

Edit and share your favourite pictures on social media to showcase your new passion. Also, do not be afraid of offering free fashion styling tips to your close friends and relatives to help them upgrade their wardrobe post-quarantine. 

Read about Social Media marketing here: 

Instagram Marketing for Viral Influence Book

Do Fashion illustrations of your own collection!
Are you artistic and tech-savvy? If so, try to draw some fashion illustrations! Before manufacturing a collection, fashion designers often resort to their handy sketchbooks and pencils to visually communicate their ideas on paper. They then begin to examine the various silhouettes and patterns for their consumers. 

Before drawing your first fashion illustration, learn about the theory behind fashion drawings. You can find this information online. 

After practicing and observing the different silhouettes and outfits on a variety of physical forms, you should then learn to draw the various folds and fabrics of clothing. Once you have mastered the foundations of fashion illustration, you will be able to showcase your clothing ideas effectively.  

Now, you can begin to design your first collection. Remember to use different colours, silhouettes and outfits to showcase your creative vision to the world. 

Are you ready to take the fashion world by storm? Regardless of your skills and background, the fashion industry has something for everyone.  If you are a technical and hands-on person, you may enjoy sewing and altering clothes. For the visual learners who have a good understanding of patterns and colours, styling may be an interesting option to explore.  Furthermore, fashion illustration is the perfect way for talented artists to communicate their ideas of clothing. Excited to try something new? Why not get started with your own fashion collection today.

Blog Image Credit: Lym3n from Pexels

Written by Candice Zhang

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