Spring into Spring with these Warm Weather Tips!

We can’t deny how much we have waited for the snow to melt, for the birds to visit our gardens again, for the greenery all around and of course for the warm weather! Even though Spring doesn’t mean high temperatures but it definitely means more sunshine and more daylight. This year, the spring equinox is on Thursday, March 19. The event marks the astronomical first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. On this day, the length of day and night is nearly equal in all parts of the world. 

So how are you transitioning from winter to spring? Here are a few tips to help you spring into spring.

  1. Plan your garden: Spring is the perfect time to plant some perennials, shrubs and herbs. It is also the perfect time for the tulips to show up. If you are planning to redo your garden or backyard, do it in a way that colours shine through the greens. Colours add vibrancy to any garden. Also, the soil may need some refreshment by tilling it before planting anything. Visit any garden centre near you to find the right tools and seeds/plants for your garden. 
  2. Time to set up your patio: Bring out all the patio furniture from the storage and set up your space. Clean your grill and prepare it for the next BBQ night. Also, add little decor pieces and solar lights to make your patio look inviting and appealing to you and your guests. Plan on spending more time outside than inside. 
  3. Change your interiors: Get rid of the dark colours in your house and add more bright colours to the living space. Instead of the maroons, dark blues, blacks and browns, switch to yellows, orange, greens and light blue. Changing the drapes, curtains, sheets and cushions will add freshness to your space. Take advantage of the fresh flowers and put them in a nice vase instead of the candles. 
  4. Spring cleaning: It’s time to ask a cleaning company for the spring clean-up quote. Get the extra trash piling up in your garage out. Refresh the carpets and clear the heavy duty stuff like heavy coats and blankets and bring in something lighter. 
  5. Time to check the pool system, batteries and filters: Open and clean your swimming pool for spring and summer. Time to also turn on the water supply to your backyard or front yard. Use the change of season to check smoke alarm batteries, filters in your air-conditioning and pool systems, etc.
  6. Healthcare: Transitioning into warmer weather is not easy for everyone. Some people are allergic to pollen, resulting in sneezing, irritation in eyes/nose/throat and even watery eyes. It is best to stay indoors when pollen count rises. It is also important to remember that temperatures in spring do not call for summer wear. You must still wear warm clothing to prevent falling sick. 
  7. Skincare: Winter makes skin dry and dull. With rise in day temperatures, skin may breakout due to increased humidity. People with sensitive skin may also get sunburns on days with plenty of sunshine. A good idea is to keep a light sunscreen handy. Also, switch your heavy moisturiser with a light one to avoid the oily buildup not required in this weather. 

It is time to welcome spring with open arms. Let’s put the snow and ice behind and get out to feel the fresh air and sunshine on our faces. 

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s Party!’”— Robin Williams

Blog Image Credit: Jill Wellington from Pexels

Written by Manali Arora


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