International Women’s Day 2020 – Gender Equality Takes Centre Stage

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year, all across the globe on March 8. It is a day when the contribution of women towards community, culture, business and politics is recognized worldwide. It is also a day when women are felicitated and recognized for shining despite all the obstacles and gender inequality they go through in all segments of life. 

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day (IWD) is based on gender equality with hashtags like #BecauseOfYou #GenerationEquality and #EachforEqual trending everywhere. Women, for several years and even today go through gender inequalities at workplace, at homes and in society. They continue to face domestic violence and discrimination at the hands of the other gender. Therefore, this year’s theme aims to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, and celebrate women’s achievements. Collectively, we can create a gender equal world.

This International Women’s Day, let us all do the following:

  1. Encourage women to continuously work hard, no matter how challenging obstacles they may face on a day to day basis.
  2. Support Female Entrepreneurs and local female-owned businesses to give them the much needed boost and motivation. Let them know you support their ideas and goals. 
  3. Celebrate and remember Women’s contribution to society and their fight for gender equality. 
  4. Don’t give up. Continue to dream and work hard to make those dreams turn into reality. 
  5. Donate to a female owned organization/NGO

This woman’s day, let us talk about a great, hardworking woman – Nikole Bélanger, founder and visionary of GSGF. She is continuously devoting her time and effort to ensure this world is a better place one step at a time. Self-motivated, keen on applying and teaching green practices to the world, she aims to open green technology based schools around the world. She works day and night to implement an innovative education system for a better environment and future. 

Nikole started a non-profit organization called WIN (Women’s International Network) from her dining room and it soon expanded to many other cities. After seven years, men were also included. Women’s International Network became World Interpersonal Network and has operated for 14 years. 

A passionate environmentalist, Nikole works at developing awareness and actions at environmental sustainability along with climate change concerns. Her Canadian non-profit organization Green Schools Green Future is currently in the process of launching its pilot school in Haiti. For this purpose, the organization is looking for generous donations to help complete the work on time and enable thousands of children get the green education.

What better day than today to show our love and support to Nikole Bélanger and her organization GSGF! To donate, click here

Let us celebrate the ordinary women who by their work have become role models for so many of us. Their contributions must never be forgotten. 

#IWD is a day of pride for every woman and we should all be proud of all the women who have had a significant impact on our life or on our community/country in general.  

Let us take it as an opportunity to uplift each other and show appreciation for one another in whatever way we can. Begin from your own home and salute the females responsible for your accomplishments. 

Next, let us not forget the women who have made us all proud because of their work, their contributions to society and because of what they are. If you would like to thank any woman for her contribution in your life or in any field, or if she has faced discrimination yet proved herself, do not forget to mention her along with the hashtag #BecauseofYou #GenerationEquality and #EachforEqual. 

Women continue to support each other. Love each other. Teach each other the importance of Growth. 

Wish you all a very happy Women’s Day! 

Written by Manali Arora & Jennifer Parra

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