#TBFF2020: Africa addresses Climate Change through ‘The Great Green Wall’

Like every year, February is being celebrated as the Black History Month and Canadians are once again invited to participate in festivities and events that honour the legacy of Black Canadians, past and present.

Toronto Black Film Festival – #TBFF20, is one such festival that celebrates the diversity within the black communities through meaningful, bold and diverse films. This year, you can catch a number of powerful and innovative films from February 12-17.

Talking about the Black Community, Cannes Film Festival’s first Black Jury President and the Academy Award winning director – Spike Lee will be presented with Toronto Black Film Festival’s 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award. Isn’t that a proud moment for everyone? Anyone going to the #TBFF2020, should not miss his film ‘Bamboozled’, in its restored version. It is also a golden chance of listening to Spike Lee when he discusses his journey as a filmmaker and talks about today’s socio-economic environment.

Toronto Black Film Festival 2020 will present 9 World Premieres, 5 International Premieres, 1 North-American premiere, 20 Canadian Premieres and 34 Ontario Premieres. #TBFF20 will showcase over 75 films from 20 countries, including Jamaica, Germany, Brazil, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Canada, USA, Kenya, UK, Trinidad & Tobago, France, Namibia, Italy and more.

#TBFF2020, in partnership with Green Schools Green Future, a Canadian NGO, will also present THE GREAT GREEN WALL, a documentary about an epic journey along Africa’s Great Green Wall — an ambitious vision to grow an 8,000 km ‘wall’ of trees stretching across the entire width of the continent to restore land and provide a future for millions of people.

Academy Award-nominee Fernando Meirelles (City of God) and Malian musician Inna Modja take us on an epic journey to the frontline of climate change along Africa’s ambitious Great Green Wall.

The documentary is a story on how Africa, as a continent, is committed to addressing climate change and climate justice. It has also been developed in partnership with the United Nations, potentially serving as a model for additional eco-justice projects in the future.

Watch the screening on February 14, 2020, 5:00pm at Carlton Cinema, 20 Carlton Street, Toronto.

Watch the trailer, here: https://youtu.be/kB1qK_yBVxU
Learn more about the Canadian NGO Green Schools Green Future here.

Amongst the 75 Films From 20 Countries, there are 9 Canadians Films:

A Rock And A Hard Place, Black And Blue, Days Gone Bye, The Burglar, The Kall, To Kill A Secret, Weeping Willow, Canada Unchecked Racism and Wash Day.

The Toronto Black Film Festival (TBFF), created in 2013, promotes Cinema, Art and Culture in Canada and abroad. With diverse cinema, the festival aims to present the audience with new ways of looking at the world. TBFF celebrates diversity by connecting black films with viewers of all colours and ethnic origins. It believes that coming together through art allows members of all cultural communities to better understand one another.

The 8th Toronto Black Film Festival 2020 will run from February 12th to 17th in Toronto. For more information, click here: https://torontoblackfilm.com/.

By Manali Arora


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