Every day we hear people say – go green. But what is Green Living? Green Living is a way of life that is different for different people. It is a conscious choice that we make as individuals to modify our lifestyle in ways that reduce our impact on the environment, like reducing waste, recycling and reusing or simply opting for organic or homegrown foods. Such eco-friendly choices and informed decisions help the planet stay green and healthy.

Supporting the green causes is the ‘The Green Living Show’ – an annual event that happens in Toronto, Canada usually during the spring season. The purpose of this #greenshow is to provide consumers with information about companies and organizations that are making every effort to make this world a greener place. Apart from eco-friendly products, you also get to meet people who are living examples of the green revolution. 

Green Schools Green Future, like last year, will once again be an exhibitor at the Green Living Show 2020. This year, you can visit us at booth #1310 for some interesting door prizes and information on our upcoming green school in Haiti and other parts of the world. What makes us proud of this association is not just the work we do and the green schools we believe in but also the way #GLS conducts itself and does its screening. 

The exhibitors are evaluated based on their environmental initiatives and green programs before they can be accepted. This screening called the Green Screen process ensures that all the products featured at the show meet environmental performance standards and are Green Living-approved. The GLS has one of the best and finest eco-friendly products and services, some beyond imagination. The Green Screen process is also the reason why this show is so popular and highly rated amongst the environmentalists and the general public. 

Unlike other events and shows, the Green Living Show makes sure it leaves a minimum impact on the environment. This is ensured by using eco-friendly products that are biodegradable or recycled. For example, the carpet used at the show is made from 100% recycled PET fibre (polyethylene-terephthalate), provided by GES Canada, the official show decorator. Also, the disposable cutlery used for sampling purposes at the show is compostable. It is a show that not only promotes green living but also believes in it. 

Just like the Green Living Show, Green Schools Green Future is also a firm believer in sustainable and eco-friendly ways of living. We are a Canadian Non-Profit Organization building sustainable schools with green technology that provide students in developing communities with skills for the future. By being one of the exhibitors at the Green Living Show, we would like to showcase what a green school can do to our planet. It is important that we understand how each aspect of the school contributes to fostering a green, healthy learning environment while efficiently keeping the carbon footprint to a minimum.

Green schools are what the world needs right now. Children, who are the future of this world, must be given the opportunity to become green leaders using eco-friendly technologies that will be taught in the GSGF schools along with many other skills.  

Green Living Show is all about the environment. It attracts like-minded people every year, who believe in the concept of sustainable living. We request you to visit the Green Living Show 2020 and the GSGF booth #1310 to know how the green revolution is changing the world. 

Explore the many products that are not only organic but also healthy, get to know about the services and causes that we need to make this planet a better place to live. 

Click here to know about the location and timings for the show. See you at the show!

By Manali Arora

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