The Importance of Giving

The idea of giving in this day and age seems to have taken a different spin. On one hand we have all the philanthropists trying to make their voice heard and support different causes and on the other hand, we have people trying their best to save up every penny for a better lifestyle. Is this season still the season of gifts and presents or has it become more about us and our needs?

It has been scientifically proven that giving can increase our self worth and make us more satisfied about our lives and make us better people. However, that is not the reason to give. We have so much more to receive by just giving . Giving is not just associated with money but can also be the expenditure of your time, effort and other resources. 

Giving is just taking the time and effort to make a difference. 

This has been the season of giving and there are so many people in need around us. Donations are being accepted in so many homes, charities, shelters, organizations and this is the time to do an inventory of everything that we own and give away thing to others who are in greater need than we are. Take some time to go visit the poor and the elderly and spend your day with them

In this context, we would like to motivate you to consider the most pressing need our world is facing today. The environment around us is falling apart and we know it. We realise that life for our children is not going to be same as it was for us because of the deteriorating quality of life and the crumbling ecosystem around us. Can we make a difference when the need is so large? Yes, of course! Every little bit always helps.

Here is a cool fact: a single person who swaps a 20-mile round-trip commute by car to public transportation can reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions by 4,800 pounds. That’s an impressive number and that is probably much more economical on your pocket as well considering that gas is one of the major expenses. Eating organic foods, walking to work, cycling are probably not just a way of giving back to the environment but are also better for your waistline and would keep you in good health.

Recycling is another great way of giving back to community. Recycling of glass bottles, papers and sometimes maybe even create fancy crafts out of recyclable items could be an excellent way to contribute to the world around us and save trees. Let’s face it! Most people would appreciate a home-made gift which has more heart and effort put into it than a store brought present. Why not work with what we have rather than wasting it and use it to cheer someone up? Just make sure you use recyclable paper to wrap your gifts in!

Last but not the least; we can always support organizations that are dedicated to the green cause. The elephant in the room is always the money and by giving just a little to organizations that are fighting to keep this planet in good shape, you are not only ensuring the planet’s well-being but also your well-being and your children’s well-being. Supporting a good organization also gives you a chance to get an insight into green techniques and keeps you updated about new technology that could be efficient, cost-saving and healthier.

Organizations like Green Schools Green Future look into the future and are aiming to bring up a generation of well rounded, educated, green leaders who would be able to carry forward the mantle of preserving and protecting our fragile environment. We are aiming to build green schools which would be utilising green energy techniques to inspire the students to do the same but would also incorporate green living as part of their regular lives. We are also focusing on ensuring the students are given a nutritious, balanced and healthy diet and the students will be provided with quality education on top technologies. Currently we are partnering in several countries such as Canada, Cameroon, Haiti, Sierra Leone, Gabon, and India.

If you would like to get involved and do something worthwhile this season and you are interested in assisting with the development of Green Schools Green Future, please do not hesitate to donate. You can also take make a donation here to support our cause. Additionally, you can also buy great green gifts for your friends and for yourself here

We wish you a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New year and we encourage you to keep giving!

“For it is in giving that we receive” – Francis Assisi



Photo Credit: Photo by Brandless on Unsplash

By Rowena Samuel


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