Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

Scratching your head on what to gift your friends and family? Have you exhausted all traditional gift ideas and are now at a blank wondering what to get them? This holiday season, why don’t we all go a little out of the box and get people gifts that are environmentally friendly as well.  That would be a gift for the environment as well, if you think about it.

Here are few gift ideas that would keep your loved ones and Mother Earth happy!

Skin Products & Makeup kits

A woman can never have too many skin products or makeup items. This winter, let’s go the green route and aid our loved ones to stop using harsh chemicals on their skin and instead, go for products that are au natural. Our suggestion would be this Balance Gift Set for Normal Skin Care. You can also gift makeup items such as Minerals Multi Purpose Foundation and many others.

The natural minerals in this foundation allow you to create a liquid or dry foundation with the coverage you need — from a tinted glow to a flawless finish. Click here to shop!

Personal Care Products

Want something that would cater more to men and women? Why not buy personal care products? Products like soaps, toothpastes, towels, shampoos, scrubs etc. make great and thoughtful gifts as everyone would use them at some point or the other. We, at Green Schools Green Future, have our own anti-bacterial face wipe sets which are extremely effective and gentle on the skin. Our skin needs natural products and not harsh chemicals and this product has been designed keeping this in mind!

Footwear & Accessories

Who doesn’t like shoes and handbags? Why not switch up the usual boring routine and the same brands and try something new this year? Brave Soles is one unique brand where the shoes are made from recycled materials. Yes you heard that right! It is all totally recycled and still good quality. Imagine what a statement you would be making when you tell your friends that your shoes are made from recycled material. They have women’s and men’s footwear and even kid’s footwear. They also have accessories like handbags and clutches which could make up a totally green outfit!

Green Gifts

How about plants as gifts? Never thought about it? A plant is useful in so many ways- it is good home decor, the right plants can be useful in terms of produce and most importantly, they produce oxygen and help the planet in their own small way. Why not take the gifting process a step further and gift someone an entire Aquaponics system. New to Aquaponics? No worries! We’ve got you covered. You can read all about it here. Incidentally, you can also present friends with solar products such as batteries, calculators etc.


This last one is more of a gift to ourselves as we all will be reaping what we are sowing today. Why not donate to support a good cause, sponsor a child, help NGO’s to fund their missions. There are a plethora of organizations looking for willing givers and even volunteers.

If you feel inspired to contribute towards a green cause, then Green Schools Green Future is aiming to build schools with sustainable green technology and provide progressive education with green technology coding,  Blockchain,  AI to name a few,  that will greatly benefit and help them to become the Leaders of tomorrow.  You can read all about it here and if you would like to donate, you are very welcome!  Click here

Also, purchases from the above websites will go towards the development of Green Schools Green Future.

From all of us at GSGF we wish you a very Happy, Healthy and Joyful Holiday!!!

Photo Credit: https://epicpew.com/

By Rowena Samuel

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