Giving Tuesday – We Need Your Support!

It is that time of the year again when charities and Not for Profit organizations look for your support and donations. The opening day of the giving season – GivingTuesday is on December 3, 2019. This is the time when charities, companies and individuals come together and rally for their missions. We are one among them but please keep our goal of a green future and environment above all when considering donating to anyone. We will tell you why we need your support the most. 

Do you think that in the quest for a better and more luxurious life, we have created more troubles for future generations? Yes, we have! We are living in a world that is experiencing repercussions of man-made disasters every day. From hurricanes to landslides to forest fires – they are all a result of carelessness that we have shown towards our mother nature. And if that was not all, the number of carbon emissions and waste we produce each day is contributing to the mess even more. 

What kind of future are we looking at? Climate change is not just a discussion that we watch on TV or read online, it is a reality that we are facing across the globe. Believe it or not, the green environment is becoming a dream because of the kind of waste and carbon footprints we create and give back to our nature. If we do not take action now, our kids will suffer the most. 

Green Schools Green Future, led by environmentalist Nikole Bélanger, promises green schools for young minds, who are also the future of this world. GSGF aims to bring in a new and progressive education system for today’s young generation. We aim to teach children environmentally-sustainable trades such as vertical farming, aquaponics, programming skills and new technologies like blockchain and AI for their better future, but by keeping the carbon footprints to a minimum. 

However, every dream, every mission needs the support of like-minded people like you. We need your support in our journey ahead. Help us raise money for our first pilot project.  

We need to raise $240,000 to build the first pilot school in Haiti, in early 2020. Just like every tree helps in making the planet green, every dollar you spend on this project will help us inch closer to our goal. 

It is the ‘giving season’ and we ask you to show your financial support to Green Schools Green Future in the form of generous donations. 

This is not just about schools, but about better, green schools for a greener planet. Let’s work towards making this dream a reality. 

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By Manali Arora


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