Give your baby the gentle wash and soft locks

When a baby is born, there are all sorts of apprehensions about how to hold the baby, how to feed the baby and what products to safely use on baby. Well, holding and feeding the baby is something that you learn quickly but buying the right products remains a research for a very very long time, especially if your baby’s skin is super sensitive.

I have used a dozen hair and skin products on my kids. Some have worked, some have not. Some even made skin worse and hair dry. My conclusion after all the trial and error is that organic products are the best for super soft and sensitive baby skin and hair. You can never go wrong when a product is all natural. 

I found this perfect organic shampoo and wash for my little ones that contains soothing oils – safe and effective on most sensitive skins. Works great on hair too, leaving them incredibly light, soft and tangle-free. It is mild and non-irritating, especially formulated for kids. 

This product has all natural blends and does not contain any petroleum-chemicals, synthetics, sulfates, silicones, phenoxyethanol, parabens, methyl/propyl or phthalates. This organic shampoo and wash is sure to win your and your baby’s heart. And once you start using it, there is nothing else that you will love. 

This big 16oz bottle will definitely last longer than you expect, making it worth every penny. 

Give it a try and you surely will not get disappointed!


By Manali Arora


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