The Perfect Mat for your Yoga

I go to a gym that has all the modern facilities – machines, equipment and recently they changed all the mats and brought in new ones. Yet I see people bringing in their own mats – colourful, soft and may be more hygienic

When you go to a gym, there is a sort of trend that everyone follows, whether it is following a particular gym gear trend or exercise trend. I am a newbie and like to look at what everyone is doing. I was curious as to why everyone is getting their own mats when there are so many available here. You can always clean them with a spray available there. 

I asked a few people about what made them buy their own mats for gym. Everyone had their own reasons but the most common reason was the comfort they find in their own mats. Some like firm mats and some like soft ones. Some are happy with their own sweat on the mat while some prefer colours that match their personality. 

Now it was my turn to buy a mat for myself. I realized that the mat is not only for workout at the gym; when you don’t feel like going out, you can always use your personal mat at home for yoga or other exercises. On good, bright days, yoga with friends at a park is a good idea too. And I have seen groups working out in parks and common places to get fit together. 

When a mat is used so much, it definitely should be comfortable and of good quality. Something that is durable and can be cleaned easily. Using it at multiple places means more dirt and germs. Also, carrying it to multiple places calls for easy storage and carrying options. 

In my search for the perfect mat, I came across a wonderful piece that is made of hemp fibre; free of PVC, silicone and phthalates. These mats last longer than most other mats available in the market. They are exceptionally firm, but with soft cushions underneath powerful fibres, they are easy on your back. I usually use a double mat at the gym because a single one is too hard for my back. But with this mat, my problem is solved. 

The seven chakras on the mat make me feel as if I have activated them with the power of Yoga. They truly give the feel of a good, comfortable hot yoga mat. Also, the anti-slip feature makes it easy for you to do any form of exercise on it without the fear of slipping. Try the jumping jack on it. 

This hemp fibre yoga mat is about 4mm thick and measures 72”x24” – pretty long and wide for an average person. You can easily get rid of your sweat and dirt on the mat by putting it in your machine for a quick wash and just hang to dry. 

Buy this mat without any second thoughts and wouldn’t regret it. 

By Manali Arora


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